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Early Fall 2015 Portfolio Class 2
Sewing Techniques Portfolio Class Picture – Fall 2015

Hello A-Team !!!!!!

This is a busy time of year !!!!  

Sewing Fundamentals 1:  The Sewing Techniques Portfolio just finished.  Sewing Fundamentals 2: Apparel Construction will start on Monday, November 9 at 2 PM.  If you are planning on coming, print out your syllabus and classroom etiquette from the right hand column of this blog.  Bring your CSIDs card and Come Learn to SEW.  Sewing Fundamentals 2 teaches the same things as Sewing Fundamentals 1…..just in a different way.  As an instructor, I like to touch as many learning modalities as I can.  This variety leads to great learning experiences.  If you get a chance, before class, buy the McCall’s pattern listed in your syllabus.  Call around for the adult size.  Try Yardage Town in El Cajon.  The phone number is in your syllabus, page 2. 

In Computer Patternmaking, we are now patterning our final designs in Patternmaker.  Now everything is coming together.  You can see why you needed to draw out your designs on croqui.  You can see why you need to do quarter-size patterns before you begin your patterning in Patternmaker.   Remember, this Wednesday, there is NO CLASS.   It is Veteran’s Day.  Do something nice for any veteran you find.  They make life as we know it, possible.  On Thursday, November 12, we will continue patterning our original designs.  

Links and Things to Look at:

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=682d8b94-8b4d-46ee-84c0-a7c8ac386fe2&c=4037f070-aa6a-11e3-aebf-d4ae5275396f&ch=40ea2970-aa6a-11e3-af36-d4ae5275396f396f&ch=40ea2970-aa6a-11e3-af36-d4ae5275396f    If you tinky down the page, there is a free turkey embroidery for you to grab.   If you are given a choice, grab it in .PES format. 

http://dzgns.com/DesignsPlus/?page_id=936  More Free Designs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0wFiAAN6Vw   San Diego Fashion Week Highlights.  Fun to watch.  

http://stores.islandersewing.com/content/SewingMythBuster%20Handout.pdf   No two sewers ever agree.  This is fine.  I STILL love the advise from Janet Pray.

2015 veterans day 8.5×11        This flyer tells you all about the workshops and opportunity events scheduled for vets.  Check it out !!!!

See you ALL in class !!!!!

Be Safe !!!!