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ALL Winter Holidays

Hello A-Team:

The year has gone by so FAST !!!!  Can you believe it?  This is the final week before Winter Break.  Classes will resume January 6th, 2016 !!!!  This is the last A-Team email till the new year.  I will send out a post to remind everyone when classes resume.  Computer Patternmaking will resume January 6.  Sewing Fundamentals 2 will NOT resume until January 11.  

Last week, in Sewing Fundamentals 2, we only met on Monday.  On Tuesday, I had to go to an eye doctor because I broke a blood vessel in my eye.  Thank God it was only a surface vessel and I came back to teach on Wednesday.  Last Monday, we practiced with the school’s and student’s straight stitch sewing machines.  They run differently than sergers.  The two machines are staples for sewing.  Note:  the very first sewing machine you should purchase should be a straight stitch sewing machine.  You can do a great fake double needle stitch that looks just like a cover stitch.  You can stop your edges from raveling with the various utility stitches available on a straight stitch sewing machine.   And there is the famous 2 mm x 2 mm zig-zag stitch that can sew knits with a small width seam that stretches.  On Monday, we will begin to sew our shirt and pants.   Remember to bring your scrap fabric to test your stitches before you start to sew.  By following your pattern guide, you will create your first garments !!!!  When you run into pattern guide interpretation problems, I will be there, to guide you.  I am also planning on demoing our embroidery machines, just in case you want to embroidery on your shirts or pants.  SEW FUN !!!!!

In Patternmaker Class, we finished our final sloper patterns this week.  I sent out emails stating that the 5 students who finished their patterns, would get them plotted by a fellow student.  This happened on Thursday night around 11 pm.  Thank you Pedro !!!!  This coming week, we will be back in room 209.  Now is the time to make up the garment/project toiles.  We have about 5 weeks to make up the toiles, and correct the patterns.  In this way, if you ever want to plot out your garment/project again, the pattern will be perfect !!!!  Side note:  I tried on Richard’s Patternmaker corset, after he set the grommets.  Maureen laced me up.  The fit was marvelous !!!!    

Terrific Links:

How Silk is Made.  Thank you Jena !!!!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqFm_7KyfHI

This link is from Hungry Girl.  I love all the Weight Watching advise on the site.  Check out survival guides to 10 chain restaurants.  http://www.hungry-girl.com/go-to-guides/ultimate-chain-restaurant-survival-guide-roundup  

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/45848/gift-to-sew-easy-and-classic-wool-scarf?utm_source=eletter&utm_medium=eletter&utm_content=th-eletter&utm_campaign=threads-eletter  Sew up a classic wool scarf with Kenneth King. 

Free CUTE monkey ornament machine embroidery.  http://www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/freedesign.htmlhttp://www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/freedesign.html   Remember, if you do not own an embroidery machine, download the design in the .PES format.  This is the most universal.  

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season !!!!!!!!!!