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The picture of the week, is from Janet’s Café in Lakeside. I know, the setup is a fake, but, it represents comfort and home. Learning to sew will become comfortable. Let the lessons sink in.

Class Notes: Last week, we learned how to work sergers, and straight stitch sewing machines. We learned how to fuse interfacing, and mark our fabric with pattern markings. Then we started doing the checklist listed on the Sewing Techniques Portfolio Grading Sheet. We practiced sewing machine control. We learned default stitching, basting stitching, 2 by 2 mm stitching, and how to serge using your straight stitch sewing machine. We also learned some seam finishes that you will find very useful.

This coming week, we will be learning a lot of different kinds of seams. Next Wednesday, we will learn a bunch of things, that sergers can do. And how easy it is to thread them !!!! On Thursday, you will learn how to read your apparel construction pattern. Make sure you bring it to class along with a tape measure !!!!

I read through the Evaluations of Student Learning Outcome and Course. I have answers.

1. There is nothing I can do with Elmo. I tried to sew for a while without a light bulb in the machine. This really hurt my vision. So if you can’t see, just come up to the machine.

2. If you want to see the finished samples from the Sewing Techniques Portfolio segment of the course, just ask me. I always have a completed portfolio in the classroom.

3. New sewers want to pick your own pattern. As a new sewer, you don’t know what is easy. This is a sewing class. NOT a fit class. I am here to help you learn to sew. So the pattern I choose, is the best I can do. Trust me, I look for easy patterns all the time. This being said, I will now allow 2 days, to fit the pattern. There will be a first fitting and there will be a second fitting, if necessary. Also, you can ALWAYS make pajamas from the pattern.

4. Some of you wanted a materials list for each class. I think if you read the grading sheet, you would see what we will be doing for each class. Also, I write what we are doing in the A-Team email. You need to read this every Monday morning.

5. As an advanced sewer, you want me to do the project along with you. This can only be done if we all use the same pattern and we all choose the same methods. In tailoring, most of you wanted to do bespoke tailoring. Next time I teach this, we will industrial tailor the same pattern and I will be able to complete the project with you.

Video Links:

https://vimeo.com/122440837 The Pursuit of Perfection – part 1 Don’t forget to check out the videos that are lined up across the top of the sitge.

http://www.nationalsewingcircle.com/video/how-to-thread-a-needle-with-ease-007513/ Needle Threading

See you all in class !!!!!

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