Happy President’s Day!!!!!

Hello A-Team:

Happy President’s Day!!!! I hope you all did something exciting on your extra day off!

You know, since they moved all the holidays to Mondays and Fridays, I bet that some of you do not know the real birthdays of Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. They don’t even mark calendars any more with these and other important historical dates !!!!! I don’t think this is a good thing. I think it is a matter of convenience. It used to be, if a holiday fell in the middle of the week, say on a Thursday, some less honorable workers would take the holiday off and then just call in on the Friday. This made 4 day weekends anyway. So as a matter of convenience, the holiday celebrations were moved. God willing, they won’t move July 4th to make yearly 3 day weekends.

To set the record straight, here are the dates:

Martin Luther King: 1-15-1929

Benjamin Franklin: 1-17-1706 Michele Obama was also born on 1-17-1964

Abraham Lincoln: 2-12-1809

George Washington: 2-22-1732

So enjoy your 4 day weekend and mark your computer calendars – with NO end date – so you never forget what these people did for us.

Doings in the Current Courses:

Draping on Body Doubles: A Personal Shout Out to Kris! Last Monday, she took a pattern to Pt. Loma’s Kinkos and printed up 3 sleeves and a back for the other students in the class!!!!! Thank you very very much !!!! All last week, we tried on our paper slipcover patterns, and started cutting our fabric. On Wednesday, this week, we will start fitting our slipcovers to our fit models or ourselves. Remember to sew everything up with big basting stitches! I am sure…there will be a lot of unsewing and resewing to get the slipcovers to fit like a glove. Remember to put the back zipper in first, when the back is flat. It is easier this way. Again…..sew the zipper in lapped and with basting stitches. Oh, I almost forgot: Use non-matching thread. The sooner we get the dressforms covered, the sooner we can design, drape and sew our dresses for the school’s Silk and Saffron Fashion Show on May 17th.

Sewing Fundamentals: Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned how to care of the school’s and your own personal sewing machines. I also handed out a “cheat sheet” for fusing, serging and marking your portfolio patterns. I am hoping this made the sewing prep work go easier. Many of you have read the Portfolio Instructions. I just didn’t think the prep work to sewing was covered clear enough. Prep work is the backbone to sewing. If you do your prep work, and pattern fittings when you are making a garment, everything will come out terrifically!!!! Last Thursday, we finished up our sewing prep work, and practiced needle down turns, circles, and lines all with back stitching. We also made our first 7 seams. The outcomes from this class got you 10 points on your Sewing Techniques Grading Sheet!!!! On Tuesday, this week, we will be studying and sewing seam finishes including serging, which you should not be afraid of anymore. On Thursday, we will start doing some interesting seams. Come to class and learn !!!!!

A question also came up. Buying your First Sewing Machine. As you all know, I am prejudice concerning sewing machines. I have my favorites. In time, so will you. NOT wanting to do the leg work to buy your first sewing machine is NOT an option. You need to see what is being offered on the market. I know, you are not going to buy top of the line. I know you should NOT buy from a BIG BOX store. You need to find a dealer who will work with you. Read what Sew Pro’s has to say in the right hand column concerning buying your first sewing machine. Pfaffs and Berninas are top of the line. Janome is the easiest machines to work. Brother and Elna all have low end models. So does Babylock. I love what Babylock has to offer. You can get them in Paradise, in Poway or in El Cajon at Central. They have new straight machines for less than $500 that will do all that you need, at the moment. And then….as your skills grow and your sewing machine wish list gets longer, you may be able to trade your machine in, for a newer more featured machine. I say maybe, because once you decide to trade in your machine, you will have others knocking at your door….ready to take your old machine off your hands. So from the bottom of my heart, I tell you….do the MIRACLE 10 MILES OF SEWING MACHINES. See what is new. AND LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE IN THE USED DEPARTMENT. You will get more bang for your buck, if you buy a used machine. And you will get to know your dealer. THIS EXPERIENCE IS THE MOST VALUE PART OF LOOKING FOR A MACHINE. You will decide if you trust the dealer. And if you can….this is the right fit for you !!!!

************************************I am still working on the Lecture: Behind the Scenes of the Fashion Star Reality Show. I have asked more questions. If the answers I get are in YOUR favor, I will e-write the A-Team again. It’s going to be tight. The lecture will be given at Mesa, on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 late in the afternoon.

Links and Reads

::This is an article that should NEVER have happened:: The fact that it happened in a major hotel chain makes this story even more damaging.

The article was from Skeldale House Designs dated: 2-18-2013.

I do not normally do this but maybe this does need to be passed on

Last Monday night my niece Corrie Adolph was sexually assaulted while on holiday in Mexico In her words

"I have struggled with speaking up, as I am sure many woman do, but abuse won’t stop if we don’t speak up…On Monday night I was sexually assaulted by the bellboy at my resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When I reported it to management, they spent more time trying to figure out how many drinks I had than to find the culprit. (I had three BTW over 4 hours), but even if I had 30, there is NO EXCUSE to sexually assault someone. Pls help me spread the word, and let’s put some pressure on the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar to create better policies to protect solo women travelers. Please repost, and lets raise our voices against sexual assault, and give other women courage to speak up!

Thanks folks, really I am fine, and I so appreciate your well wishes. Please take a minute to post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts a Warning about the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas. Only with widespread bad press can we force them to change their policy on how they treat women who come forward."

Sheraton facebook


I give you all permission to pass this on to as many venues as possible.

“Bell bottom G” applique. Enjoy. http://www.skeldalehouse.com

http://nutritionfacts.org/video/are-cats-or-dogs-more-protective-for-childrens-health/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=are-cats-or-dogs-more-protective-for-childrens-health&utm_source=NutritionFacts.org&utm_campaign=fc024b2a3d-RSS_VIDEO_DAILY&utm_medium=email Are Cats or Dogs More Protective For Children’s Health?

Thank you for sending this, Kirsty !!!! She just discovered that San Diego has a fashion week. There will be a runway show and everything. Ii think it would be really cool to see one in person. http://fashionweeksd.com/c

http://www.freetrademagazines.com/computers-information-technology-magazines/?cid=7877 Interesting Free Trade Magazines.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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