Happy Halloween !!!!

Dear A-Team:

I just can’t believe how fast time marches on!!!!!! November 1st is the final day for the Fall Portfolio Course. I will be sad that this course is over. You have learned SO MUCH !!!! I get to see your portfolios/shoe boxes on Thursday !!!! Next weekend is the Anita Goodesign Event put on by Central Sewing. It will be held in Griffin Center at Grossmont College. Call them if you are interested in learning how to embroidery by machine. 619-447-3244. I can guarantee that you will want to learn more when the event is over. God willing, I will be able to teach an embroidery course next summer.

Here is an interesting place to look for jobs: www.malakye.com. The sports industry needs fashion people, too. CHECK IT OUT !!!!!!

Flat Pattern Manipulation: Last week, we concentrated on Skirts. We completed our first pattern will seam allowances. We learned how to make circle skirts and we made a gore skirt for our portfolios. I forgot to show you a complete circle skirt. You need to see what the grain does. This week, I will show this to you along with making another pattern. We are going to make our bodice sloper into a blouse pattern. Come and learn how to do this. Yes….there is class on Halloween !!!!!

Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned how to make 3 pockets: an off-set inseam pocket, a lined patch pocket, & an unlined shirt pocket. Last Thursday, we learned how to sew 3 different kinds of hems. We learned the catch stitch/cross stitch, the slipstitch/pick stitch and the blind hem. We even sewed a hem by straight stitch machine. The thing to remember about stitch names is that the same stitch can be called many different names depending on what part of the country you learned it in.

This upcoming week, is the final week of this class. Starting November 6, we are going to start using our First Commercial Pattern. So this week, we will learn how to sew in zippers and how to make buttonholes. Make sure you bring in your portfolios/shoe box on Thursday.

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http://www.craftstylish.com/item/4924/knit-a-fabulous-fabric-clutch?utm_source=email&utm_medium=eletter&utm_content=20121026-knit-fabric-clutch&utm_campaign=craftstylish-eletter Knit a fabric clutch purse.

http://sweet-verbena.blogspot.com/2012/10/serger-101_20.html?utm_source=Sewing+Parts+Online&utm_campaign=ea71949c0e-Serger_101_article&utm_medium=email&mc_cid=ea71949c0e&mc_eid=aa6f2dee5f Serger 101 Techniques

http://mag.modelixir.com/US/13/index.htm This is a mobile e-magazine. Check out the fashions !!!!! You can page through 14 magazines……….. Unbelievable !!!!! Click on the magazine to start.

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