Happy 4th of July !!!!

Dear A-Team:

The summer is really moving so fast !!!! I know that what you are learning now, will sink in … in 6 months. It is fun for me to see you all so hungry for knowledge. Each class has so much to offer. The classes build upon each other. Check out a fellow student’s YouTube Videos. I am so proud of Paola I am busting !!!!! www.youtube.com. Put in the search words: paolagzzgzz..

Double Face Fabrics: This past week, I demo’ d the industrial overlock machines. We discussed making bias with the Simplicity bias maker machine. I showed you how to sample your buttonholes. I just loved your internal seam samples! I demonstrated tailor’s markings. (You really can’t use chalk or anything on either side of your double sided fabric.) And of course, we did jacket fittings. Everyone is coming along. This coming week, I have lots to show you. I managed to do some tailor’s marking using the basting stitch on a straight stitch sewing machine. Matter of fact, I tailor marked the entire tote bag using this method. Wait till you see this!!! I also got my jacket to the fitting stage. You need to see this !!!! There are so many more changes to be done. BUT, you can see that trying on and fitting are very very important. I hope to give you lots of ideas this week. This class will meet only once this week, due to the holiday on Wednesday.

Portfolio Class: Last week, we practiced basting and default stitching on knits, straight grained fabric, and bias grained fabric. I also taught you 5 seam finishes. These seam finishes will come in handy when you make a garment with ravel-ly fabric. Last Thursday, we practiced 4 seams: Slot, Classic French, Serged French, and Curved Seam. Make sure you write on your samples what they represent. Put them in your shoebox or your sewing portfolio. This coming week is a very important week. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR REGULAR ZIPPER FEET TO CLASS. You know, zipper feet are very useful for MORE than just zippers. Come to class and see what else they are good for !!!! On Tuesday, we will be doing the corded seam that needs the zipper foot. Note: A regular zipper foot is different than the universal invisible zipper foot that I told you to get for your our class supplies. We will also be learning how to make a flat felled seam and an inset right hand corner. Thursday’s class will be a concentrated look at controlling fullness: in sleeve caps, waistlines, and wrists.

Invisible Zipper Foot Regular Zipper Foot Low Shank Zipper Foot

Here are a couple of links where you can get free machine embroideries. As I said in class….start your collection now. You never know when you will want/need to embroider. Or if you run across an embroidery machine and want to learn to use it..



See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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