Happenings in the classroom

Dear A-Team:

Can you believe we are starting our third week !!!!!! Before you know it, the semester will be over. You will either have your Double faced fabric jackets done or your portfolio completed. What Fun !!!!!! If you have had minor surgery, please let me know, so that I can excuse you from the “closed toe shoe” rule. If you have bad knees, let me know, I will find a place for you to cut, on a table.

Double Faced Fabric: I do hope everyone has their internal seam finished for class on Monday. I know I have mine !!!!! I also am now ready to demo the buttonhole for you. You will be amazed !!!!! I took home the bias machine to really work it. It took me 1 hour to make 32 ½ yards of 1 inch bias. So you ask if it is worth it????? And I tell you…..go get one of these machines!!!!! Of course, after I bought it, I found an even better place to buy it – Wal-Mart !!!!!! They had it there for $70 in May. This weekend, I also cut my jacket. It took me 6 hours to figure it out. I was short a bit. I serged all my edges except the internal cut ones. Those I did a three step zig-zag. I was too afraid the knife would cut the fabric where I didn’t want it to cut. Now, marking double faced fabrics is a bit tricky, I will explain all this and more in class !!!! We will also be going on with our learning concerning the industrial machines. On Monday, I will give you an overlock demonstration. Keep referring to your syllabus. I tell you what and when in there……….. I also called to confirm how to handle the thread release on the coverstitch machine. It’s easy. I haveto show you. All this and more….this week …… in class.

Portfolio Class: If you are still perplexed concerning threading and sewing machine control, things will get better the more you practice. I promise. Remember, I DO have the manuals for the classroom sewing machines……………. I know, Elmo doesn’t cover EVERYTHING…… Make SURE you ask me your questions. Don’t LEAVE class with a question gnawing at your gut. You will forget the question be the time class starts again. Last week, we went over the care and maintenance of sewing machines and you received great troubleshooting handouts. This week, we will cover, basic seams and seam finishes.

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See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

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