Halloween Week

HI A-Team!

We have a very busy week ahead of us! And the culmination of the week is Halloween !!! What fun !!!!

Portfolio Course: Last Monday we learned 3 pockets and we started zippers. We practiced lined pockets, shirt pockets and in-seam pockets. I demo’d a lapped zipper. Last Wednesday, we practiced hemming on our ½ size bodice. And we went over the lapped zipper step by step by step. This coming Monday, TONIGHT, will be the last class…. We will be practicing buttonholes. Once we learn how to make buttonholes, we will do one buttonhole on our ½ size jacket. I will be grading your portfolios tonight. Bring your portfolio with you to class. There is NO makeup for this class. I need to turn the grades in on a timely basis.

Patternmaker Course: All week long we worked on our final patterns. We will be working on them, right up till Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, I will be bringing a pair of turn of the century pantaloons and a bodice that was made in circa 1875. On Thursday, I have a Halloween surprise for you !!!!!

Commercial Pattern Course: Starts Wednesday. Sewing Fundamentals will start ALL over again with Using Your First Commercial Pattern. This course is NOT the same course as the Portfolio course. I teach this differently. I individually help everyone in this course. If you need help. Just write your name on the board in descending order under the word help. It‘s a good idea write the topic you need help with, next to your name on the board. It’s up to the sewer to read and interpret the pattern guide. Just don’t believe that the pattern guide is a God. It is not. This is where your knowledge from the Portfolio course will help you. Also, there is a some repeating from the other course. The review will do you good !!!!!

Here are the memos of the week:

Get your flu shot ! Now is the time….. Don’t put this off !!!!!!

If anyone is interested to know: Yes, I broke a real tooth in half. Yes, the sharp filling in the tooth stayed in the part of the tooth that stayed in my mouth. The dentist filed it down so I stop biting myself with it. May you never ever do this. It is painful.

Here is a word from our Vice President:

As a reminder, Thursday, October 31, Monday, December 16, and Thursday, January 2, are all part of the 175 day instructional calendar for Continuing Education. Please ensure you come to class !!!!!! This will lessen disruption to your instructional program.

Thank you.

Dr. Brian E. Ellison

Vice President of Instruction and Student Services

San Diego Continuing Education

San Diego Community College District

6 Tips for a Safe Halloween for Cats

Hear tips to make Halloween safe for kitty, with help from the ASPCA.

By CatChannel Editors | Updated: October 16, 2013, 12 p.m. EDT

We’re happy to hear that some of the worst rumors about black cats on Halloween are untrue. Experts at the

ASPCA would like to debunk the stories of people adopting black cats around Halloween for the purpose of

performing rituals. Whew.

Still, every cat should play it safe during the Halloween season. Increased houseguests, enticing decorations

and yummy candy all spell potential peril for felines. Here are a few tips to keep cats safe this Halloween.

1) No candy for kitty.
All forms of chocolate pose a danger. So does the sweetener xylitol. If your cat ingests either, call your vet

or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

2) Cover cords.
Decorative lights and other festive pieces that require cords mean more temptation for playful cats to pounce

on and chew, leading to cuts, burns or lethal electrical shock. Put cords under rugs or in cord-protectors.

3) Lights out for candles.
Carved pumpkins are a holiday staple, but lit candles inside Jack-o-Lanterns could prove harmful for pets.

Cats and kittens looking to bat a moving flame risk burns.

4) Costumes must be consensual.
Avoid dressing up a cat who clearly hates clothes, to prevent stressing your pet. For those cats who like

costumes, keep these outfits unrestrictive, free of loose chewable accessories or objects and able to let

your cat hear, see and breathe easily.

5) Cut off escape routes.
Trick or Treaters mean open doors all evening. Keep cats in a safe room away from the front door to

prevent them from slipping outside.

6) Stay tagged.
Keep ID tags on your cat in case of escape, or microchip your cat to improve the odds of getting your

cat back if anything should happen.

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

San Diego Continuing Education

Hospitality & Consumer Science

Fashion Department

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