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WELCOME to Fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the syllabi are up on the blog. Each course has 4 things to print.

Computer Patternmaking: the Syllabus, the Measuring Chart for Women, the Patternmaking Glossary, and the Classroom Etiquette.

Sewing Techniques Portfolio: the Syllabus, the Portfolio Patterns, Troubleshooting your Sewing Machine, and the Classroom Etiquette. You do NOT have to bring sewing machines to the first day of class. You DO NEED TO BRING A 4 GIG USB. I have digital handouts to give you. I would also bring some paper and a pen to take notes.

There were many meetings this week, that caused me to go back into the syllabi and classroom etiquette and change things around. PRINT WHAT YOU NEED AND COME TO CLASS. The Classroom Etiquette grew to 7 pages. There are many changes in policy and procedures. I tried to write them all in the classroom etiquette.

Some of you, are new to my courses. You went through orientation and signed up for both my sewing fundamentals courses: The Sewing Techniques Portfolio and Using Your First Commercial Pattern. Using Your First Commercial Pattern starts October 30th. It is too early to give access codes for this course. Because I had no idea that orientation was when the access codes were to be given out….I took the codes out of my mail box. Hence when you went through orientation, you received a yellow access code piece of paper with no access code. What I will do, is give you your code to register first when you show me your yellow piece of paper, on the first day of class. Please note, I have reserved a computer classroom for us to use to register. The Computer Patternmaking class will be in the computer classroom 203 the entire first day of class. The Portfolio Students will start off in room 209 and then we will walk over to the computer classroom. You no longer have to print your registration for me. I had training on another method to do this.

Unfinished Business from the Summer:

We are missing a bobbin case for a Pfaff from September 25th. Please look around. The Pfaff cannot be used without the bobbin case. When you find it, just bring it in to us in room 209. The instructors all know where it goes. I put a picture of a bobbin case below, just so you new sewers would know what this is.

Embroidery Course: So when I tried to put my embroidered purse together with the upper gusset, I broke 2 needles (size 18). I called in the big guns. I went to my shoe repair place. He is a great guy on 2 ND street, if you need his services. The name of the place is Carl’s Boots. The owner’s name is Glenn. I am posting a picture of the machine he used to finish that seam. He has many odd looking sewing machines there. Each one does something different. For you new sewers, you will be introduced to a serger that does wonderful things….. This is besides your regular straight stitch sewing machine.

I also want to let the embroidery class know, that I sent about 12 pictures. When she puts some up on her Facebook page, she will tell and I will let you all know. What fun !!!!

I am hoping by the first day of class, I can finish the hand stitching on the purse and my Drape Drape project. I want to wear my project to class and carry my embroidered purse.

I also had a chance to read the SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes.) One of you, want to put your purse in the next San Diego County Fair. I think this is a Great Idea !!!!! I hope you win in your category !!!!!!

A couple of you, want to go out and buy Evolve Sergers. The new machine is called the Evolution. The Evolve is an older model. This being said, Central has a used Evolve for sale. Call them. The pricing is great !!!!!! I saw it there, last week. Note: In November, they are going to repeat their 3 day training on the Evolution’s additional feet. I would like to attend. I heard that the first 2 trainings were terrifc !!!!!! Someone wanted more information on Embird’s tutorials and videos. I thought I mentioned this in class. Maybe I didn’t. When you buy this embroidery program, it is best to buy it from They have the best pricing. But for the tutorials and videos, go to Because this site is translated from German to English, their links are a little different. Click on Learn…… You will find free tutorials.

I am so happy that my Drape Drape students loved that course !!!! Hope to see you all next summer in Madeleine Vionnet. European Couture is a bit harder than Drape Drape to recreate. You will learn SO MUCH !!!!!!!

I want to say a few words concerning the 100 Year Anniversary Fashion Show which will be held on May 29th, 2014. This is a Thursday night. We are planning a sit down dinner. The colors of the show will be gold and teal blue. I will tell you more during the first day of class. Between now and then, I know everything can change at least 15 times.

See you all next Tuesday or Wednesday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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