From Turkey Day through the HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

Dear A-Team:

This week did me in. I cooked a turkey on our grill’s rotisserie. It cooked. I am not sure I did it right, but it was fun to do. I received some calls from you. Don’t hesitate. I am here. Call on the home office. Cox Communications set this up so I can hear real good without my aids. I usually don’t wear the aids in the condo. AND if I can help you, I will. We also have skpe. Just call first, so I can set up Warren’s computer for this. I do hope you all had family around you and lots of good food to eat.

Attached please find our Holiday Safety Alert. This is a good reminder for ALL of us !!!!!!! I want everyone safe and happy this holiday season !!!!

Notes on Your Courses:

Chinese Zodiac Embroidery Course: I discovered that I had lost all my edited zodiac embroidery designs from my USB. Somehow, I recovered 5 of them. I KNOW I gave one to a student. So that means that I will recover #6. And the other 6 I will redo in class so that you all can have some review. Note: Every time you do embroidery editing, it will be different. Your reasoning will be in a different place than the first time. You may be faster at doing the editing. You may want to clean up something that you had forgotten before. I may touch a button that I had not shown you before. On Monday, we will be stitching out in room 209. On Wednesday, we will be in room 203 to do more computer work.

Niche Marketing: We had quiz 9 on Monday, the 14th. I finally broke down and got the third edition of the text: New Rules. We will have quiz 10 this Monday, the 28th. Wednesday we will be in the computer lab to work on our Power Point Marketing Plans. I have NOT given up the idea of doing the presentations in front of an audience. This will give you practice for the real thing that will definitely happen in the future. Don’t be frightened. No one will take your ideas. Your businesses are too unique. It takes perseverance and courage to move forward with original ideas. Keep moving and you will get there !!!!!! Stop and nothing will happen. At one point in my life, I made a “Things to do – kick the bucket’ list. It always amazes me that every year, I accomplish at least one thing. This year, it was using my grill’s rotisserie and not poisoning my Thanksgiving Guests.

Tote Bag Course: What an exciting week we had before the Thanksgiving Break !!!!! Diana is the star !!!! She edited 4 embroidery fairies for our tote bags. I put the designs on 5 Amazing Box disks. So this coming Tuesday, you can put a fairy on your tote bag and your sewing machine cover. Diana is the star!!!! She got extra credit for doing this. Tuesday, November 15, we put into practice: Respect Thy Grainlines !!!! You had over the holiday break to cut out your totes and machine covers. This coming Tuesday….we are embellishing !!!!!!!! Come prepared to do what you plan to do!!!!

I want to give you a heads up on the embellishing efforts that I tried this Thanksgiving Break. I am the idiot that did NOT buy cotton quilted fabric. I had to buy Shiny Polyester. First I tried the picture transfer. This got on my press cloth, my ironing board cover, and really flattened my quilted fabric. Next I tried ironing on crystal images from Mylar paper. For the prices we paid, they crystals were NOT well glued. I will bring my results to class. I will bring all my trials to class. If you plan on doing the picture transfers, be prepared to use an under pressing cloth and an over pressing cloth in the classroom. Damaging the ironing board cover is your responsibility. In my opinion, the best embellishing to do is either of the following, Diana’s Fairies or use your machine’s decorative stitches.

For those of you who have 2 sided printed quilted fabric….work ahead !!!! Do the serging of ALL the edges of all the fabric pieces. If there is time I will show you how to handle the Peltex….which I already cut wrong……NOTE: the Peltex does NOT get serged because it does not ravel.

We heard a story from one of the students concerning buying a sewing machine NOT from a dealer. It’s a real problem. Don’t do it. ALWAYS buy from a reputable sewing machine dealer. AND I don’t care which brand you buy. Just make sure you like the owner/dealer !!!!

Here is a reminder for you: Class begins at 5 PM. If you come at 6 pm…..this is fine. Don’t push to come. I want my students alive and well. BUT, when you come late, you do MISS an hour from class. If you come to every class, missing 1 hour from each class is fine. Remember, check in the evaluation of the class syllabus, you need to come to ¾ of all the classes to get a “C” for your hours grading. If you are NOT interested in the program certificate for Clothing Construction, then you don’t need to worry about this.

Also, you need to order your zipper from Terrell by Thursday, December 1. She needs to place the order on Friday so that by December 15th, we can input our zippers into our side tote pieces as scheduled in our syllabus. Without the money, Terrell will NOT order for you. So bring your $4.50 (exact change) by December 1. You also get a choice of certain colors. She has the list. If you miss the deadline, you can always use, two 24 inch metal zippers. So don’t fret. You sewing tote will look fine !!!!! This is what I used in my first sewing tote.

On Thursday November 17, we learned how to care for your sewing machines and provide TLC for the school’s machines. The room was SO quiet that you could hear a pin drop! Until we broke out the sergers. They ARE great !! They do fabulous things. Yes, someday you too, can own an Babylock Imagine. Cheaper machines can do the same things….but….they do NOT thread themselves. These sergers are worth the money. They are on sell for $1495 at Central for the holidays. AND of course….there is a BIG but…………………… You need to buy or have access to a regular home sewing machine first. You can do special decorative stitches on your regular sewing machine to emulate a serger. And first hand….you saw that even giving these machines your full attention…..things can happen. Thank God, no one was seriously hurt. I already ordered another serger case.

Future Class Notes: Draping on Body Doubles

Joanne’s had a Doorbuster sale on Dressforms on Black Friday. Don’t worry if you missed it….. It will be repeated several times between now and Xmas. AND if that is not enough, I found a place in LA…………………….. There will be a fandango field trip in early February…… I can guarantee it.

I am afraid to put in a lot of links in this email. It is getting way too long. BUT, I could not resist the following YouTube. It is mind-blowing. It just might change your thinking concerning the “mating of” draping and flat pattern manipulation.

Once you watch this…SPEECHLESS…… Try the next link…..

The Embroidery Freebie from Urban Threads can NOT be missed: The Freebie is only available through December 4th. It is cute… a spooking steam punk kinda way.

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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