Final Summer Email

Hello A-Team:

This is the final email concerning the 2013 summer session. There is a lot to be said. I don’t know who learned more: you, my students, or me, the instructor. I have started reading your SLO forms. They tell me so much !!!! I can’t thank you enough for the comments concerning the courses I teach. Some of them, I can implement with ease. Some of them, I can’t. For Example: I would LOVE to have enough embroidery students so that I can split the class into beginners and advanced. I don’t think this will ever happen. Also, the purse got too complicated. If we would have done the purse, as directed in the instructions, it would have been MUCH easier for everyone to finish. I tried doing the project for each of my classes this summer. I didn’t finish either of the projects. I will ….sometime this August…..

Brigid came to me with the current ad for Joanne’s. They have dress forms on sale. They have OTT lights on sale. And they have 70% off muslin by the bolt. This is where I buy my muslin. I usually use my 50% off coupon on this product. The 70% off sale is better. If you are going to take my Computer Patternmaking course, this is a good deal. Oh incidentally, Joanne’s has muslin of different grades. I usually buy the $3.99 grade of muslin. It isn’t the cheapest and it isn’t the most expensive. Thank you, Brigid, for bringing this to my attention.

I am in text book mode. I always look for great texts to teach with. I happened to peak at the Vionnet book that I will be using next summer for the Sew Like a Pro Madeleine Vionnet course. When I originally bought the book, it was $85. This was the first edition. The second edition was $50. They must be running low on this book. The price today was $79, new. Used: $48. If you want to look it up, the book was written by Betty Kirke. It IS a great book.

I submitted my summer grades today. The hard copies go into the school, on Monday. So many of you, do not understand the relationship that hours have on your grade. The magic number of hours for a C grade in each course was different. It was 40 hours out of 53 in the embroidery course. It was 43 hours out of 53 hours in the Drape Drape course. The difference became clear when I made the grading curves. Some of you did your projects and did not come to class on a regular basis. Some of you were right on the cusp. The SLO – for 5 points – would push you to the next grade. Some of you, just didn’t fill it out. In the Sew Like a Pro: Drape Drape course, the more you did pushed your grade up…except if you didn’t attend class on a regular basis. Because so many of you did extra garments, the grading curve was skewed. For the embroidery purse course: I gave full credit to those who had their front designs all sewn together.

Some of you told me how thrilled you were with the Babylock cover stitch/serger machine. If you are SERIOUS about this….take Central Sewing’s “Three Day Hands-on” Babylock Evolution Serge-a-Ton course. I know, you are working. Call and see if they are going to sell the machines used in this course. You have NOTHING to lose….. 619-447-3244. See if you can just come on the last day….which is a Saturday…………..

Final thought of the summer: Here are Life’s Simple 7 steps for a healthier heart.

1. Quit Smoking

2. Manage Weight

3. Get Active

4. Manage your Blood Sugar

5. Eat Healthy Foods

6. Control Cholesterol

7. Manage Blood Pressure

I will email you all, when I put the fall flyers on the blog,

Until then….HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND SAFE SUMMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

San Diego Continuing Education

Hospitality & Consumer Science

Fashion Department

Office: 619-588-2244