Fandangos & Homework

Dear A-Team:

The first week of classes is full of new experiences, meeting new classmates, and getting used to the schedule. There is also homework. My courses are no different. The first few weeks are full of getting supplies, texts, and staying on top of the work requirements. I always hope that the A-Team emails help you by answering questions before they become an issue for you.

This past Saturday, we had our first fandango field trip. The word fandango in this case, means that you are not required to come. This instructor donates her time so that your first shopping experience will be a good one. If you can come, come. If you can’t , don’t. You are still required to get the supplies for the course. Do it when you can. Try Joanne’s or Wal-Mart. Sad to say, that Howard’s Bakery is closing. Their last day was Saturday, September 8. When I walked in, they didn’t have any coffee. I had no idea. Across the parking lot, at Yardage Town, Holly and Tania were terrific and helpful as usual. They made everyone feel at home !!!!! The group was small and we made it to Central Sewing around 11 AM. They sold us bobbins, Schmetz sewing machine needles, ½ size L-squares, & manila pattern paper. They also sell Babylock sewing machines and the fabulous Imagine serger. 4 of us, went on to lunch at a Texan Restaurant on the other side of highway 8. I know this is a great restaurant because all the police and border patrol people come here to eat.

Sewing Fundamentals: Portfolio Class:

The one thing that I thought was confusing at Yardage Town, was the buying of the hem tape. It came two ways: iron on and soft and easy. You need soft and easy. Iron on… NOT really permanent. The labeling is close. You need to see this. Check out the differences in the picture. The second picture is from outside my closest Michaels. These are clearance boxes that are really really nice. Great for your sewing portfolio !!!!! Make sure you preshrink your fabrics as we discussed in class before Tuesday. Did you order your text??? Check Amazon. You can also rent this from Amazon.

On Tuesday, we will straighten our grains, cut our fabric, fuse our interfacing, mark our darts, and other markings. On Thursday, we will have another TLC for the school’s machines. This time, we will use our straight stitch / zig-zag machines. This is the time, to bring your own sewing machine, if you sew desire.

Drafting and Flat Pattern Manipulation:

On Wednesday, someone in the class, and I apologize, I didn’t write down her name, had a fabulous idea. I recommended laminating the French curve set. She recommended tracing the curves out on some craft plastic. .007 thick. In this way, the curves would be clear. You can buy this stuff on Amazon. I don’t know if this will get to you quickly. BUT it is a great idea. On Monday, we will be measuring our ½ size dress forms for our master sloper patterns and cutting out our French curves. On Wednesday, we start: We will draft the front sloper on pattern paper. I will show you how to tape it and try it on your half size. Over the weekend, you had a lot to print and download from the blog. Bring your questions to Monday’s class. Did you order your text after last Wednesday’s class??? You can rent it at Amazon. You can even rent this from Amazon. I had 2 requests from last Wednesday’s class. Yes, I will have manila paper with me, so you can see what it is. And I put the 101 steps from design concept to Market on my USB.

The following are Links that will help you learn or make you laugh !!!!!!! Free leaf embroidery. Remember, if you do not own an embroidery machine, download the .PES format. More Free Embroideries. Start your collection now. I want to teach this next summer 2013. This video is a MUST SEE. It concerns “Advanced Styling.”

I took the following picture at Micheals. It is one of their boxes that WAS NOT on sale. I thought the entire theme of the box was motivating !!!!!!!

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!

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