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Hello A-Team:

Check out some pictures from the Bradon McDonald seminar at Mesa on Saturday, Sept 20th !!!! What fun !!!!

Sewing Fundamentals: Now that Boot Camp is over, the fun begins. The fabric is all preshrunk, cut, serged, and marked. Now we are beginning to use our sewing machines. We learned how to treat them with Tender Loving Care (TLC). We learned how to clean sewing machines with compressed air. Then we practiced sewing machine control. Once we learned how to control the sewing machines we learned how to change our stitch length and make seams. ‘The iron is thy friend’ is one of the commandants we practiced. We also learned how to sew on knits with the famous 2 by 2 zig-zag stitch. I also learned that you did NOT need a special foot to do a ‘serge’ stich with the straight stitch sewing machine. All machines come with a blind stitch foot that does overcasting. BUT, in this case, we just didn’t need to use this foot. Upcoming, we will learn all about seam finishes, and seams.

Sew Like a Pro: Last week we started giving our Textile Presentations. They are terrific !!!! The handouts are wonderful !!! We have one more day to give presentations this week: Monday. On Wednesday, bring your textile kit and the double sided scotch tape and we will put together our textile books.

I want to tell you about a phenomenal contest that has had its submission time extended due to OUR class. Check this out !!!!!!! Apply !!!! What fun !!!!! The submissions date was extended till September 25th. Check out their website !!!! Just Fabulous !!!!!

From: Arvind Saraf []
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2014 1:56 AM
To: Joan McKenna
Cc: udesign
Subject: Re: Design Contest & other programs on Indian ethnic wear

Dear Prof McKenna,

Thanks for your response.

Regarding the contest application deadline:

1. Please note that the students do not need to develop any new work before the initial application deadline of 20th September – they are supposed to apply on the website, and submit in their CV & prior work documentation. New work will be done by the students once they are shortlisted & sent the fabric they are selected.

2. Still, given the short timeline, we have decided to allow for applications till Sep 25th – our team has decided to review on 26th morning and get back with the shortlisted ones by Sep 26th, so that they can select the fabric mix on out site by Sep 29th – and are back on the regular schedule.

3. However, the above revised timeline for applications are not put up on the website officially – but when you circulate or put it up on your blog, you can mention that deadline has been extended till Sep 25th.

Hope this clarifies your concerns. We still hope we can circulate it & put it up on your blog, and get a good response from your students.

Thank you,


+91 99096 18932

From: Arvind Saraf [arvind]
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 4:02 AM
To: Joan McKenna
Subject: Design Contest & other programs on Indian ethnic wear

Dear Fashion Design / Arts Faculty / Program Chair,

Will you like your students to experience women’s Indian ethnic wear hands on, bringing to their design, creation & outreach their own native elements?

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful cultural exposition for the students, in addition to obviously being a wonderful academic exercise?

With Triveni’s U-Design contest & other suite of Campus engagement programs, they can do just that!

Are Your Students Up For The Challenge?



1. Students apply on

2. We shortlist promising students.

3. Short listed students select fabric from Triveni’s collection.

4. They will start designing a collection of minimum 2 obligatory women garments:

1. 1 Indian ethnic wear

2. 1 Indian ethnic wear or 1 Indian fusion garment

Contest spans from September to December 2014, and is open to all students worldwide.

Application Deadline – 25th Sept 2014!

To know more & apply:

Other Campus engagement Programs

We also have a few more additional programs for Campus students worldwide:

· Campus Ambassador program, which invites students to represent Triveni on their campus ( )

· Live Projects & Contests which students can work on while on campus (

· Year-round & Summer Internships ( )

For any queries, students can also contact us on hr / +91 99256 18932.

About Us

Triveni Sarees was setup in 1985, as a manufacturer of Sarees – women’s Indian ethnic wear in Surat, India. We took our collection online in 2011, making it accessible worldwide and expanded it to include all ethnic wear & accessories (now We believe this wonderful slice of Indian culture needs to be promoted. We have recently setup Triveni Labs, to help innovate further on innovative technologies & user experiences. Helping us in this exercise has been our current set of MBA interns from top Indian colleges & and International interns (from Morocco, Columbia & France) (Intern profiles on ).



September 29, 30 & October 1

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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