Exciting Times in Room 209

Dear A-Team:

I hope you all had an excellent July 4th celebration!!!! There were fireworks in Kennedy Park in El Cajon. Even the national news mentioned what happened in San Diego!!!! Onward and Forward !!!!! Exciting things are happening in the classroom !!!! Thank you for the course evaluations. I will be reading them this week, and will get back to you.

Portfolio Course: Last week, we practiced the corded seam, the flat-felled seam, the inset right hand corner, and machine raw edge applique. We also learned about controlling fullness with elastic, and two methods of controlling fullness for sleeve caps. Simple straight stitch rolled hems were easier without the “special foot.” Try your straight stitch machine’s “Rolled Edge foot.” Let me know if you find this easier to use. I have been sewing since I was about 10. I still have not mastered this foot.

This coming Tuesday, we will be having a serger lesson. This class is EXTRA fun. Don’t come too early. I need to set up the room. You will be making 12 samples in one class !!!! I may throw in a surprise or two. On Thursday, we will be working on darts and pleats.

Double Faced Fabrics: Being that we only had one class meeting last week, I just didn’t get around to going over the industrial guidelines for your written test. Matter of fact, I pushed back the dates for the exam, so that I can go over the guidelines, on Monday. We will talk more about this in class on Monday night. Everyone needed individual attention with their jackets. This is terrific. Sometimes, easy patterns are NOT so easy……………… I worked on my jacket this weekend, and took pictures while I was working. I will bring them with me for Monday Night’s class. Because of the success Paola had with removing the quilting from some of the fabric to form the “buttonhole squares,” I decided to do this to the jacket pockets. On July 4th, I had help to do this. (Thank You, Paula!!) I also had to cut the pockets down to the smaller size. The first picture represents the pockets that get bound all the way around. I did this exactly like the pattern said. The ends got kind of bulky. So I cut them so that they wouldn’t stick out. The method works fine. The second picture shows the patch pockets that do NOT get bound. Without a point turner, I could NOT have turned these pockets right side out. I also cut 1/8 of an inch off the top and one side of the topside pockets. This made them a touch bigger when I turned them. Now, when I sew them on, the inner lining will not stick out. I did not have the time to even start the tote. (And I was convinced that the tote could be sewn up in no time……..

Exciting Links:

Visit www.UrbanThreads.com. When you collect embroideries, format them PES.

Take a look at http://www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/newsletter/20120709.html I LOVE the earrings. They are not free. Once you get the machine embroidery bug…..you will find that there will be LOTS of embroideries that cost and that ARE worth it. BUT….wait till you get an embroidery machine !!!!! Check used embroidery machines to learn on.

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/26432/industry-insider-techniques-vol-4?utm_source=email&utm_medium=eletter&utm_term=embellishments&utm_content=20120703-pattern-adjustment&utm_campaign=threads-eletter See a sewing video on Pattern Adjustment for a Full Bust Without Darts.In order to see this, you will need to scroll down the page. Only the first link in the series is viewable. It is a great link with valuable information !!!!

See you all in class this week !!!!

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