“Everything that I did in my life that was worthwhile, I caught hell for.” —Earl Warren

The picture of the week:        Virginia Castillo 1 Best

This picture is from Tuesday’s Apparel Construction course where we had a day of Image  Consultation.  Thank you, Virginia !!!

Hello A-Team !!!! 

What an exciting week !!!!  Sewing Fundamentals 2 is now open and running.  We learned all about personal color, and style on Tuesday.  On Saturday, we had a Fandango Field Trip to Joanne’s on Navajo and Fletcher.  IT was GREAT !!!!  This coming Monday, we will be cutting out our pattern, pinning them together on the seam line, and trying on the pattern.  Needed for today’s lesson are:  3/4 inch invisible “green” scotch tape, adding machine tape (Not the thermal kind),  a gallon size baggie, the complete pattern, a highlighter, paper scissors, and a pencil.  In your spare time,  read your pattern guide.   These pattern fittings usually gives us some preliminary patternmaking to do, before we cut out our fabric.  Remember, now that you have bought your fabric, it is time to pre-shrunk it.  On Tuesday, we will continue with our pattern fittings.  Once we are done, I will explain commandment #2 in MUCH more detail:  12:  Respect Thy Grainlines…….  Learn how to straighten your grains.  And then, you will be able to lay out your patterns on your fabric and get the OKAY to cut. 

Computer Patternmaking  only had one class this week.  Hope you all had a terrific day off !!!!  On Thursday, we continued with patterning our final projects.  You know  you need to be finished with this by December 10.  We are very lucky to have Pedro in the class, so that we can get our final patterns printed as a group.   To speed things up, you can open the pattern in your personal Patternmaker download, and work on it, at home.   

Links and Things:

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=b45eea6c-0e85-4f03-8594-9d58377558d1&c=b27dbd30-50e3-11e3-bdcf-d4ae52a2cb52&ch=b3d38930-50e3-11e3-be1e-d4ae52a2cb52  So you want to paint your fabric.  Here is where you buy the paint. 

Tuesday’s Tech Tip, Nov. 10, 2015  Thank you Cindy !!!!!

I is for Internet Shortcuts

Do you use the same browser all the time?  Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or maybe Firefox?  Most PC work stations in our district have Internet Explorer but they may also include one or two others.  As you navigate around the Internet it is helpful to know a few keyboard shortcuts to save time.  Here are a few that are not specific to any one browser and should work with all web browsers.

  1. Ctrl + T to open a new tab and type a new address.
  2. Ctrl + Tab to scroll through all the websites you have open.
  3. Ctrl and + OR Ctrl + mouse wheel up to zoom in. 
  4. Ctrl and – OR Ctrl + mouse wheel down to zoom out.
  5. F11 key to go to full screen mode.  Press again to return to previous size.

This is the final week of classes before the Turkey Day break.  Come to class and learn !!!  See you all there !!!!!

Be Safe !