Educational Opportunity and an Alterationist Job at Viejas

Hi A-Team !!!!!

Check out the blog. If you haven’t seen it lately, then you don’t know that I have fixed the problem that the A-Team emails were NOT showing up on the blog.

This coming week, starts the second session of the Continuing Education 2013 Summer Program. Come to class and learn !!!!!! The Air-Conditioner works….most of the time……

Drape Drape: I saw so many toile samples this week. They are coming out gorgeous !!!! Here is your chance to change the pattern so it can be alittle longer, shorter, wider, or a bit less revealing. I was going to base the grading of the first session on the toiles, but it turns out, that was NOT fair. So I based it on your attendance hours. THAT IS FAIR. I only gave out incompletes to students who got 15 or more hours in for the month of June.

The Embroidered Purse: The spider got separated out from the spider web this past week. Linda stitched the web out with Glow in the Dark thread. What fun !!!!!!!! Thursday, was stitch out day. Next week, we only meet on Tuesday. We will be in the computer room 203. Come and learn a bit about embroidery software programs. I gave out only incompletes for the first session of this course. In this way, I can add the first session to the second session and give out certificates at the end of July. I only gave out incompletes to students who got 15 or more hours in for the month of June.

Check out this educational Opportunity and Job Offer !!! If you are interested in learning more about sergers and serging call and register for this 3 day course. I have attached the flyer to this email.  It is after my signature.  Double click on it and a readable jpg will pop up.

And now for the big reveal:

Here are the details for an alterationist / bookkeeper POSITION at Viejas. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS, EMAIL ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE CONTACT INFORMATION.


The main position would be seamstress/tailor however the job title is Wardrobe Associate because it also involves light filing, weekly cycle counts, issuing of uniforms, and assisting our internal guests with their uniform requests. A majority of the time he/she will be sewing so being familiar with our machines is essential. We currently have a Juki straight stitch, a Tac Sew blind stitch, Juki serger, and 2 digital household sewing machines. Tailoring/seamstress experience is required (at least 3 years). Base pay is $12.20 and could increase depending on experience. The position is full time with at least 40 hours a week and occasional overtime may be required. He/she must be able to read, write, and communicate effectively in English. He/she must be able to provide great guest service and work in a fast pace environment. If they are bilingual, that is a plus! Please keep in mind that this is just a general description to give you an idea of what we are looking for however there will be many other factors which will determine who is best suited for the position. Please give all of your candidates my Managers contact information so we can set up an interview. If you are interested, email Joan McKenna and I will give you the Manager’s contact information. I did not want to put the contact information on the blog.

See you all in class…….This is a SHORT week. Thursday… Independence Day: July 4th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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