Eddie will be just fine !!!

Hello A-Team !!!

My son, Eddie will be just fine !!! He was hospitalized 2 times. Today, you see him looking out from on top of the entertainment center in the living room. He was feisty, and spirited. For the first time in a week, he hassled Stella, my other pussy cat. Eddie lost over 2 pounds, in one week. He escaped from one of the hospitals. When they caught him, they broke one of his eye teeth. They have said, that the operation to pull the tooth, would be totally on them. Thank God. This tooth must be fixed or he will be in pain again. They just couldn’t believe that Eddie is 13 or 14 years old. Thank God for the Jamacha Veterinary Clinic. If you ever need a GREAT vet, see Dr. Kelly. She is the one who worked wonders with Eddie.

Tailoring: In last Tuesday’s class, we learned the differences between bespoke / traditional / couture tailoring and contemporary / industrial tailoring. We did this by taking apart jackets of various price points and seeing how they were constructed. Last Thursday, we did portfolio pattern and fabric work. On Monday, we will be fusing, serging and marking. I know we will be using cotton. BUT….I am going to treat our fabric like wool, and have you tailor tack everything. I also have a GREAT idea. We will talk about it in class. Bring your jacket patterns. Perhaps, we can accomplish 2 things at once.

Sew Fun: In last Tuesday’s class, we cut out our patterns and learned about grainlines and layouts. In last Thursday’s class, we cut our portfolio fabric, woven interfacing, knit interfacing and portfolio knit fabric. We learned the lesson in commandment #12: Respect Thy Grainlines. Next Tuesday, we will be fusing, serging and marking our fabric. Next Thursday, we will begin sewing by learning to have TLC for the School’s Machines. Bring your sewing machine to class, if you intend to use it. For those of you who are going to use the school’s machines, remember to bring your bobbins, and Schmetz 90/14needles. We will also learn commandment #14: Thy iron is thy friend. Note: When you cut your shirts and pants, the sewing prep work is basically the same, except, you MUST parallel pin the pattern to the fabric before you cut it. You cannot use the tracing method with tissue paper patterns. The paper just can’t handle it.


If you want to sign up for the Sew Pro’s bus trip to LA’s garment district and M & L fabrics, the price went up after February 1. The March 14th trip is now $50. It is still worth it !!!!

Due to the fact that I will have radiation therapy till the end of March, my weekly emails will be cut short.


Check out this website store. Vogue Fabrics Store https://www.voguefabricsstore.com Thank you for sending this, Maureen !!!

See you all in class !!!!!

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