Down to the Wire !!!!!

Hello A-Team !!!!!!

Check out these Pictures of the Week !!!!!!!! I’m SO proud !!!!!!

Only 2 more weeks to go until the summer semester is history !!!!!

Motivational Quote of the Day: Fortune favors the brave – Virgil

First Pattern: Last week, we put in the front bands and did the hems. This week we will be doing our collar, putting it on our collar rise, and putting the whole assembly on our shirts. The final week, we will just concentrate on the buttonholes !!!! Time is going by SO fast !!!!

Portfolio: Last week, we worked on our ½ – size jackets: Finished putting in our sleeves, collar and facings. I We worked on hems and learned 4 different ways of hemming. Each one has its place. This week, we will learn how to sew on closures, buttons, snaps, sequins, and machine applique.

Men’s Fashion Fall 2014: Check this OUT !!!!

See you in class !!!!!!

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