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Morgan's Personal Helper.
Morgan’s Personal Helper.

Hello A-Team:

Isn’t Morgan’s helper cute????  Even though they really really want to help you cut your fabric and sew your projects, be very aware, that they also can get into pins & thread.  Make sure supplies and notions are put away in such a way, as to NOT encourage cats or dogs to use them as play toys.  This also goes for when you wrap holiday gifts.  Take care.  There is danger in ribbon.

So last week, in Sewing Fundamentals 2, we mastered the serger and one of its many uses:  To prevent raveling of woven fabrics.  Then we moved on to learn how to mark notches and other important symbols on the non-public side of our cut fabric pieces.  On Monday, we will have tender loving care (TLC) lessons for the straight stitch sewing machine.  Missing this class tells me that you are going to bring and use your own straight stitch machine for the rest of your time in this class.  And that you already know how to care for it.  Make sure you bring some fabric scraps to try different things that can be done with any straight stitch machine.  As a fun aside, we will see some wedding pictures from one of your classmates, Whitney.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  On Tuesday, you will be cut loose, to sew up your garments using the instructions on your pattern guide.  I will be here, for questions and concerns.         

In Computer Patternmaking, we are beginning our last week of classes in the computer classroom, using Patternmaker.  We should be all finished with our final patterns on Thursday.  DO NOT “CUTE PDF” your pattern(s), till I look them over.  However, it is okay, to place your pattern(s) on the prerequisite 36″ x 108″ paper inside Patternmaker.  After you get the OKAY….then CUTE PDF your final pattern(s).  Over next weekend, we will get them printed.  Then, its back to the sewing room to make sample ‘toile’ garment(s).  You will need to have one pattern hook for your cut patterns to hang on and you will need inexpensive fabric that simulates your final fabric.  Make note of how much fabric, you are using for your toile.  This is approximately what you will need for your final garment(s).  Your ‘toile’ is due at the end of January.  There is plenty of time to work on fit.  The ONLY push I have for this course, is that you come to class regularly and sign in.  Some of you come to class, and don’t sign in.  These students will be in for quite the shock, when I can’t give them a final grade.  

Here is a reminder for all my classes:  Without a ‘C’ hours grade, no matter how good your final project is, you won’t pass the course.  Read the evaluation at the back of each syllabus.  You need to come to class 80% of the class hours as part of your grade.  NO EXCEPTIONS……

Links and Things:  The Secret to Threading a Needle  Foiling Letters on Fabric  Free Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery from Sue Box.  Format of choice when you don’t own an embroidery machine:  .PES  

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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San Diego, CA 92101

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 To RSVP prior to the event, e-mail an electronic copy of your resume to  On Tuesday, December 8, come to Room BT‑203 (at the corner of 16th and B Streets) starting at 10:45 a.m., and check in at the front desk.  Dress in business attire and bring a resume printed on standard paper.

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 —–Original Message—–  Terrific trip to LA…….GO !!!!!  I am sad because I can NOT go…..
From: Gwen Edwards [
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2015 7:28 PM
To: Gwen Edwards
Subject: Heart felt Happy Holidays!

Hello All,

Don’t spend all your money in December!  We are scheduling another wild ride to Los Angeles on Saturday January 9th in the party bus!  Anyone who is interested shoot me an email and get on the list.  Space will be limited.  We will be going to Mood fabrics with the option to go to The Fabric Store as well.  It’s a long strenuous day of fun – The bus fee is $60 and we will enjoy discounts as a group at both Mood and The Fabric Store.

Stay well.  Be Joyful.  Sew as much as you can!

All the best,


Gwen Couture

4007 Wabash Ave.

San Diego, CA 92104 


See you all in class !!!!!

Be Safe !!!!