Diary of an Embroidery Event Weekend

Dear A-Team:

Such a fun packed, learning weekend !!!!!! I haven’t done anything so wonderful since October 2011. This weekend, Swan, Swadesh and I went to a 2 day seminar put on by John Deer and Central Sewing. What a weekend!!! We did projects in the hoop !!! We learned SO much. I will be bringing our projects to class, so that you can see what we did. Good or a “learning experience that builds lots of character”……Here is a picture.

By now, you all know, that there is no eating or drinking anything but bottled water in the classroom. I am so sorry that I must comply with this.

We are still working on getting ready for our fashion show on June 1st. What fun !!!! Hope you are all planning on attending !!!! I have the list of who is doing what. If you want to help….see me during class. Faye is draping 2 wire table toppers. I finally got the proper fabric on Friday afternoon. Come check these dressforms out !!!! They are SO cute !!!!! Remember the thread !!! I don’t have any Gold thread. I also got the right color green. HOW EXCITING !!!!!

Attached please find the flyers for my summer courses. Now you can see them on the blog or just download them from this email.

Draping: We are definitely going to meet for a no host dinner @ Denny’s on June 4th @ 6 pm. Last week, I didn’t have the address and I gave out the wrong street. This week, I have an address and phone number: 3920 West Point Loma Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110. Phone number: 619-226-2233. Bruce, the manager knows we are coming. I made sure to tell them. I am looking for feedback for the draping course and the fashion show and a good time dinner. I will continue patternmaking in the fall 2012. I will be teaching drafting and flat pattern manipulation. Everyone, from all my courses, has an open invitation. Meanwhile back in class, we continue draping and making our final projects. When you have time, drape the pants on our one dress form with legs. The final day of class, you will get to meet Jaci Gibson-Henri. I just have to attend Graduation this year. The final day of class is May 30th, 2 days before the fashion show.

Industrial Tailoring: Last week, we marked our jackets. This week we will be putting in the buttonholes and pockets. For Tuesday, you will need to have sewn just the side fronts to the fronts and press the seams open. Then machine baste where the pockets go, the lapel roll lines, and where the buttonholes go on the facing and the jacket fronts. See the following pictures.

If you have the time, make up your lining and put your sleeves in. Work ahead where you can.

Great Links from the Embroidery Weekend:

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www.mamashecrazy.com: Looking for things that you can’t seem to find???? Go here…………………..

www.throughtheneedle.com: Bernina’s online magazine. This you just gotta see !!!!! Very nicely done !!!!!

www.allaboutblanks.com: Great place to buy blanks to embroider.


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