Congratulations to the Winners !!!!!

Hello A-Team:

I want to congratulate the winners of Sew Pro’s pin cushion contest from last summer !!!! Congratulations to Nancy Eckert and Astrid Beckers. Nancy took the top prize. Astrid took the second prize. I came in a third. They won because they had terrific 3-D designs….. Congratulations !!!!!!! I AM SO PLEASED !!!!!!! They both took courses from San Diego Community College District’s Continuing Ed’s Fashion Department. Also in the Sew Pro’s Journal for January-February-March-April, on page 21, is the ad for the LA bus trip on Saturday, April 26th for $45. Well worth the trip !!!!!!! Call for details: 858-279-2500.

Housekeeping: There is NO CLASS on Monday night. It is President’s Day. Enjoy your night off !!!! See you Tuesday night.

When you sign in on the Class Attendance Verification form, you MUST put in your time in and your time out.

There are times, when I am NOT current on answering emails. Please note: Also, when I answer an email from my husband’s (Warren) computer, you cannot respond to it. I won’t get the message. He will. I won’t.

Collections: Last Monday, we designed 12 designs on our croqui. I tried to show inspirational videos and pdf files to help. I brought books in according to the themes. I know, you will need to design a lot more. BUT….I got to see where your minds are going. I am thrilled!!! I hope you all are thinking about your themes. There will be more time to design. The finals are not due till Wednesday, February 26th. Last Thursday, I tried to introduce you to all the industrial machines we have in room 209. I couldn’t get the Tac Sew hemmer to work. The Namoto iron started to leak. So on Friday, I made a trip to see Alberto at Central Sewing to learn what I did wrong. Since there is NO CLASS on Monday, I am going to change the plans for Wednesday, February 19th. We will be working in pairs. Those of you who need some extra help, I can be one of the pairs. In-between, keep designing on the croqui. Work on your theme. On Monday, February 24th, we will learn to rethread the overlocks in teams. I want you to have some experience on the industrials before I teach you the overlock threading. Bring scrap fabric, a bent needle nose tweezers and your embroidery scissors.. Bring your colored pencils, crayons, etc. We will have a fun day on the 19th !!!!!!!

Portfolio: On Tuesday, Feb 11, I couldn’t get my sewing machine to sew. I got thread caught in the rotary hook. I was so thrilled. Yes, Alberto came to my rescue by telling me what to do. All of this, was absolutely operator error. So some of the samples of February 11 were done on February 13. Last Thursday, we sewed up our bodice and back stitched our seams. We learned how much flatter the seams were when we ironed the seams open. Always remember: The iron is YOUR friend !!!!! We also practiced seam finishes. And we learned how to use our straight stitch sewing machine to finish our seams if a serger was not available. Next week, on the 18th and the 20th, we will be learning a bunch of different kinds of seams plus, how to handle darts. Check out what is happening on your Portfolio Grading Sheet. I hope it is all making a lot more sense as to why it was SO IMPORTANT for you all to do the prep work on a timely basis. There is so much to learn in the beginning !!!!!

Keep Up the Great Work and I will see you all on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday !!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

San Diego Continuing Education

Hospitality & Consumer Science

Fashion Department

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