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Dear A-Team:

So I went to convocation and I never finished this syllabi. This is what I am doing today. It will also be put on the blog. See attached. Print this out in color. I can’t even begin to photocopy this for you. You need to print this out in color. I have lots of yellow highlights and I used different colors to make things stand out. I can’t print 50 copies out on a color printer. I just don’t have the funds. Come to class with your USBs. You will be able to download it from the blog.

Here are some things I forgot to mention in my last A-Team email:

ALL CERTIFICATES from my past classes (2010 onward) ….. will now be given out at the front office desk. On the back of my certificates, I have lightly put the grades. Some of you will be surprised that YOU DID NOT get a certificate. I am an EASY grader….which will be changing….. The one thing that was not easy….or something that I could ignore was the attendance. IF YOU DID NOT attend ¾ of all the hours the course was offered….you did not get a certificate. Period. This is NOT negotiable. AND I wrote this in every evaluation assessment. The only good part of this statement is that all the hours YOU WERE in class count…. So let’s say you had 50 hours from a 108 hour course. These hours will be added to your program and if you have enough hours at the end of your program….you WILL get a Certificate of Completion. You just won’t get the little half size certificate for the course you didn’t get enough hours in. This happened in the summer courses of 2011. Everyone in the Sewing Fundamentals course got the hours added to their program.

I do intend to wear my vest to the first day of class this fall. I hope you all finished your vests during the summer. I didn’t get any calls for help during the summer concerning the vests. I am thankful for the 2 students who did contact me. I welcomed the breaks from working on the computer.

I did NOT receive the theme for the 2012 fair, yet. I still have 3 outfits in my 209 cubbie. I will get the theme and let you know. Next year….I would love to enter…BUT…I cannot do a group entry. I just won’t have the time. I don’t know what is happening to the summer 2012 course schedule. I don’t even know if there will be a summer 2012 semester.

I am now up and running on LinkedIn and Facebook. AND yes, I do have a Sew Along with Joanie website.

I stand corrected: Union bank never heard of using a reverse pin to warn the bank that something is wrong with your account. Thank you for all that wrote in …………..

Go !!! …… Go and see the new Discount Fabrics. At least the parking is a little better than the one in North Park. The fabrics are the same as Yardage Town. (They are owned by the same people.) It’s a great store. There is room to breathe. BUT….YOU WILL NEED TO TELL THEM….THEY NEED TO CARRY PATTERNS…………….

1205 West Morena Blvd.

San Diego

Now when you go to Discount Fabrics… need to go to 1127 (The block before…..South) West Morena Blvd. Go when you are hungry. The name of the place you are going to is:

Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ, Break your diets for this……I had the salmon and cole slaw. It was the corn muffins that got to my bad side…………………… You will NOT regret coming here. And if you have a dog….they feed the dogs water and a bone. I went with my brother’s Shiba Inu puppy. It was the best thing I did all week.

Here is a tip and a job opportunity from Deborah Jones – FAMOUS Embroidery Mentor!!!!!

Dear Embroiderer,
Here’s a useful embroidery tip that I think you will find useful. The new lightweight, super stretchy performance fabrics designed to wick moisture away from your skin are wonderful to wear, but tough to embroider. Outlines drift off-track, fill stitched areas "pooch" and things generally get pushed out of shape. No matter which stabilizer solution we try, nothing seems to be just the right answer. Fusible no-show does a pretty good job, but I have recently become aware of a different approach. The interesting thing is that it’s a really "old school" solution. The mystery answer is woven fabric used as stabilizer. Before we had non-woven stabilizers, we often used lightweight
broadcloth or poplin as stabilizer for stretchy materials. One of my "old school" friends told me he had been using
old bedsheets as stabilizer for these technical fabrics with great results. I checked it out, and guess what – he’s right! As a bonus, it’s a "green" solution, and economical too! Plus, old bedsheets are pre-shrunk. If you use
new woven material, you will want to be sure to pre-shrink.

Job Opportunity
If you live in the Dallas area, there is an embroidery shop in the Rowlett/Garland area that uses Brother PR machines
and needs an employee. If you know this type of equipment, enjoy a fast-paced and creative working environment,
this bright and inviting shop could be a good match for you. Visit the web site here

Apply by e-mail to

See you all in class next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are jobs I found all over the USA and I even have one for San Diego. Note: These jobs are all listed on LinkedIn. I have NOT checked them all out. I put them here, for you…….if you are looking for a job in this hard economy.

Call Sam from Men’s Fashion Depot. He is on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego. He has 3 locations. He is offering $8.00 an hour to teach you how to do Men’s Alterations. If you are a quick learner….this could turn into a full time job. Call Sam: 619-726-7775. BE AWARE….YOU ARE WALKING INTO AN ALL MALE ENVIRONMENT.

Looking for a Product Merchandiser!! If you’re interested please contact me or visit our website at: 2 comments »

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An ecommerce retailer is looking for Head of Merchandising based in Bangalore. Require 6-8 yrs of exp, pref in sports goods n apparel. Pls write to for more details Comment or flag »

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