Classes This Week


Hello A-Team !!!

There IS class on Monday !!!!  Yes, I know, it is Columbus Day.  BUT….I expect to see in you all in class.  We will have a delightful time !!!!  This past Saturday, I went to LA with Sew Pro’s.  What a fun day it was !!!!!  Of course, I spent money.  It is a good thing, that Sew Pro’s doesn’t do this trip more than twice a year.  

Portfolio Class:  Last week we seamed up our half size jacket.  We learned seam finishes.  We practiced 7 seams.  We still have 4 seams to learn.  We will get there.  This Monday, we will not be learning seams.  We will be learning all about what sergers can do.  Bring all your cut 9 by 4 inch pieces.  We will learn the difference between 4-thread, 3-thread, 2-thread, rolled hem, and the cover stitch.  We will see a power point on how to read Commercial Pattern Envelopes, so bring your Apparel Construction patterns.  On Tuesday, bring your machines and all your supplies.  We are going to make a half-size skirt.  AND we will learn all about sleeves.  Fun packed LEARNING days……

Patternmaker Class:  This weekend, you needed to plot your patterns at Fed Ex Kinkos or Staples.  We will now begin the process of cutting out our patterns and making a sloper toile to achieve a great fit.  Along with the 4 classroom nights to do this, you MUST design your final project.  Draw out 5 garment pieces on 5 different croqui.  We will pick 2 or 3 of them, together, depending on your skill level.  I can ONLY help you with the patterning of your final project, if I understand your croqui final pictures.  These 5 pictures, just need to be sketches.  The final croqui designs are the ones that will be colored.  I will scan them all into the computer for safe keeping.  


Elo has helped you plan your designs.  Here are 2 Chanel runway shows for you to look at.  I am thrilled that Elo shared this with you.   Get Inspired !!!!!  

For those of you, who are thinking ahead to Christmas, here are a bunch of free patterns to knit, crotchet, sew, bead, weave or spin.  Just think about what you can learn !!!!!!  

Go to Urban Threads Look Book for design inspirations for Holloween !!!!  Click on the graphic below and be transported to 20 fabulous pages of ideas. 

Be SAFE !!!!!

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