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It’s that time of year when I am scrambling to set up Fall 2013. Of course, I am not going to get half the stuff done that I wanted to, during this break. I did some Professional Growth at the Long Beach Quilt Festival and it has opened up my mind this summer. I took 3 one day courses and went on one tour: The tour included a trip to RJR Fabrics that just blew my mind. I learned how they manufacture quilt fabric. There is too much to tell in this short email. Ask me in the classroom. The day long courses covered: Applique raw edge and turned edge with Laurel Anderson, From Landscapes to Seascapes with Judith Baker Montano, and Painting with Inks with Pat Blair. All these instructors are award winning. You just know that I got carried away with the Painting with Inks. Wait till I show you in class !!!!! I spent preview night and one day on the sales floor. Yes, my credit card was busting at the end. The best thing I got was software that allows you to make fabric. You can get the fabric printed. There are now places that do this for $17 a yard. In my book, for an original creation….it is worth it. Here are some interesting quilt pictures that I took at the festival. The quilts were UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!

I made some major changes to the right hand column on the blog. Now is crunch time, by Thursday this week, I will have put the syllabi and a new classroom etiquette on the blog. You just gotta take a look now and later this week !!!!! I even have up the new Portfolio Patterns. Thank you, John, my graphic artist !!!!!!

As most of you know, my daughter is part of San Diego Fashion Week this year. She needs your help. Please comment on Kathryn Elizabeth’s Fashion Week Interview at: Http://Fashionweeksd.Com/2013/04/Fwsd-2013-Designer-Spotlight-Collections-Of-Kathryn-Elizabeth/. You will have to “tinky” down to find the interview. As to the interview history: There is a lot to say from a MOM’s perspective. 1. She did drag down one of my dress forms when she was in 4th grade. She did drape a skirt, embellished it, and hand sewed a zipper in it. When I got home from work, I was speechless. 2. Yes, I did put her on a treadle sewing machine. I attached a small flash light on a band and made her wear it around her forehead when she sewed. She then progressed to my first Pfaff 1220. It was never the same. I had to get a new to me machine: An indestructible Viking. 3. By the age of 15 she did really have clients. By 18, she had experienced her first nightmare client. She made and wore a pannier gown to her senior prom. Please read the interview and respond !!!!!!

Here is a GREAT article about Facings: I never thought about this….but the article is totally correct !!!!!!

This is the most inspirational video I have seen in a while. It was sent to my phone: . Take 5 minutes and watch this.

Note: No matter what it says in the Fall 2013 school class catalog, Kathleen Swanson’s focus will be on Jackets, the unconventional jean jacket, using specialty fabrics. Somehow, the class catalog has the wrong description.

I swear I will complete my summer class projects be the time school begins………………………September 3.

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