Busy Busy Busy !!!!!

Hi A-Team !!!!!

This past week, I showed an interesting video to both my courses. It was how couture ateliers fit their clients. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Collections: We are now finishing up our sample toiles and starting our final garments. HOW exciting !!!!!

First Pattern: We finished up trying on your patterns and I demo’ d how to lay out your patterns on your trued up/on grain fabric. Last Thursday, we trued our preshrunk yardage one grain, for the second time. Then each started to lay out their patterns. We ran out of time. I helped people till 9:30 pm. I know that I checked a lot of grainlines. BUT….I didn’t check them all. I hope that you all understand HOW important gainlines are to your finished garment. On Tuesday, we will learn about fusing interfacing, serging and marking. Commandment #14: Thine Iron is Thy Friend. You will learn that today. You will also start to stop your exposed seams from raveling by using the serger type of sewing machine. You will need your cut fabric and your patterns. Remember to bring your scrap fabric to all classes. You need it to check your sewing machine before you start sewing in the class.

Thursday, we will be learning the basics of care and maintenance of sewing machines. This is the class that you start to bring your own machine to. Learn proper threading and make your first bobbin.

Upcoming Events:

Next Saturday, April 26th, there is another fandango. AS I have stated before. Fandangos are extra things I throw into the class. But for those that do go…….. Saturday’s bus trip, courtesy of Sew Pros, is to the garment district and to M&L fabrics. 2 very important places to know about. I know the bus is now filled. You can put your name on their waiting list. You can set up car pools. I have the addresses to wear we will be meeting and going in the classroom. Just ask me.

Saturday, May 17th is the date of the Cultural Festival at ECC !!!!

Weekend of May 17 and 18 is the weekend of the Button Convention. All the details are in last week’s A-Team email.

Thursday, May 22, 2014, is the date of the Silk and Saffron WCC event featuring culinary and fashion !!!

Weekend of May 31 and June 1, Central Sewing is having a 2 day embroidery party. It will be hosted by Anita Goo design. If you are interested in learning to machine embroider, this is the place to go. For $89, you get 2 days of machine embroidery training !!!!!

First Week in June the Spring Semester is over !!!! Can you believe this is happening so fast ??????? Time stops for no one !!!!!

See you all in class !!!!!!!

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