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Hello A-Team:

You will be seeing many test changes, like the cupcake one. I am finally, with A LOT of help from my Graphic Artist, trying to get the blog on its own website. What Fun !!!!!

Tailoring: We are working on our tailored jackets. We are about 2 weeks behind schedule to be done by the first week in June. I hope everyone worked this weekend on their jackets. We will be able to do the pad stitching by the school’s tac sew hemmer machine. This should speed up about 8 hours, worth of work.

Sew Fun: We have gone through our first pattern fittings, we have cut our pants and shirts – on grain, we have fused our interfacing and serged our edges. Last Thursday, we marked our pattern marking on our cut fabric pieces. Now it is time to put our pants and shirts together by reading and doing what it says to do in our pattern guides. If you need help, just ask me. Some of you, have already heard what I think of pattern guides. The pattern guide is a GUIDE …. not a GOD. If you read something you don’t like, you have the power to do it a different way. I taught you many industry techniques in module 1. You will find these very useful for module 2.

Things to know about: Mesa is having its annual fashion show on May 8th. If you have any garments that you made at Continuing Education, and want to wear in Mesa College’s Fashion Show, see your instructor. The garments do not have to be just made this semester. The idea is to have some garments that reflect the quality of work our CE students do. We are good. We do great work. The world needs to know this.

Link of the week: How to decide whether to staystitch knits.

See you all in Class !!!!

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