After the Break

Hello A-Team:

The week before Spring Break was a busy week:

Collections: Some have finished their patterns and are moving on to their sample muslin toile. Some are still making patterns.

Portfolio: The final week, we learned how to make buttonholes on woven and knit fabric plus we put a buttonhole in our half-size bodice. The last day of class, was open sewing to make a few last samples and the grading of the portfolios. I am sad this class is ending. Dawn set up a Facebook page for this class. The Facebook page name is: Sewing Newbies. I AM THRILLED THIS HAS HAPPENED !!!!!! The ending of this class means that Using your First Commercial Pattern will start on Tuesday, April 8th…………………….

First Pattern: Remember you have a fandango field trip on Saturday, April 12…………….

Lots of News of the Day: On Saturday, March 29th, the San Diego Creative Stitchery Guild held it’s Fashion and Luncheon. I was delighted to meet Dawn and Abe there !!!! Next show is in 2 years….. It’s a very fun event where you will be exposed to many many different kinds and ways of sewing.

The Continuing Education Annual Fashion Show has had a date change to Thursday, May 22, 2014. They still want you to apply if you want to show your work. I have the forms. I will disperse them in class along with some guidelines. There will still be an Opportunity Drawing for gift baskets. If you have anything NEW you want to donate, just let me know, before you bring it to class. The event will be from 5 PM to 8:30 PM.

If you have the Viking Embroidery System #5, I have a customizing module with YOUR name on it. Contact me at mckenna.

Save the Date !!!! San Diego Mesa College will host its Golden Scissors Awards on Thursday, May 15, 2014. It will be held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. 1380 Harbor Island Drive., San Diego, CA.

Beasley Cleaners is looking for someone to do alterations. Contact Julie. 619-421-2870. Give her a call if you are looking for work.

Check this out !!! Amazon Dry Goods moved from Iowa to Indiana. They are now back in business. You will just NOT believe all the historical things this company sells: from patterns to boning. You will find it here !!!!!! Just click on the link and enjoy !!!!!

I finally had a minute to go over the SLOs and the Evaluations. Some things I have an answer for:

1. I start the lectures in my courses at 6 pm, so that the students who get out of work at 5 or 5:30 can arrive to the classroom without incident. SAFELY !!!!

2. Some of you want smaller group demos. In Patternmaking and First Pattern, this is easy. Just come over when I say that I am doing a demo. In Portfolio, we all work together, so it is virtually impossible because of the nature of the class.

3. I cannot teach the industrial hemmer if I cannot get it to work correctly. It needs a bit of an adjustment.

4. For those of you who have physical problems, please come talk to me. Don’t suffer in silence!!!! I can always figure out a way for you to overcome this when sewing.

5. Draping is taught practically every semester. Check the CE site: Now click the button: Take a Class.

Here is the link to the invite for the Fashion Group Int’l event at Neman’s: Thank you for sending this, Jena !!!!

Eric Rubalcava, is amongst the 30 finalists to become the new voice of the Padres! He’s been dreaming of being an announcer since he was a kid, and his chance is finally here! If you wouldn’t mind taking a second and voting for him, that would be awesome. You can vote 5 times. Thanks for helping a little boy grow up into what he always wanted to be! Happy Friday!

Thank you for sending this,….Diana !!!!

PS, he was disappointed that they chose to post his Dodgers game sample, as he had no choice but to be dry and a little boring… the Dodgers will do that to you. 😉

Puffy Foam Video Lesson. You can go to this link to watch an informative video about using Puffy Foam.

See you all in Class this week !!!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

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