A Picture Says A Thousand Words……..

Hello A-Team:

It has been quite a week !!!! The ending of one class. The beginning of another. A Fandango Field Trip. Halloween. The heating and air conditioning in room 209 is finally being addressed. The following picture tells the world why it is GREAT to come to class: This class is Sewing Fundamentals: Portfolio.

In First Pattern: I should have taken more pictures on our Fandango Field Trip to Discount Fabrics. That place is just wonderful. I left with her, the 4 pattern envelope photocopies in case you go there to purchase your supplies and fabric. 9 students came to Bull’s BBQ to break bread after going to Discount Fabrics. The best part happened on the way out. Rae and I went out the back door. And there….he was…..a giant Labrador mix. He was a gentle giant and just so cute I had to go and pet him. He had his bone and his bowl of water. His master said that he did not know what to do with it. He had to learn. If you know someone with a dog…..go there. It is an unbelievable well-kept San Diego secret !!!!

I would be crazy if I didn’t comment on the type of fabrics you all were buying on this fandango. I wanted cotton. I wanted you all to be able to pre-shrink and wash your garments easily. Some of you only wanted to buy Linen. You will see why I don’t like to work with this fabric. Me telling you……is just NOT the same as YOU experiencing your first project. I also wrote an email to one of you, concerning the patterns I chose to work with, in this class. I have copied it here:

Hi D…………..:

This section is written in there because I am going to get black belt sewers in this class. I have not seen any evidence that you are above a beginner. I DO NOT want you to have a bad experience. I want what you make, to turn out and be something that you would wear – even just around the house. The pants and blouse that you chose were way too complicated for a beginner: The center placket on the blouse and sleeves, The bound buttonhole pockets on the pants, the clean front and curved waistband, the fit, on the other pants. That is why I suggested the men’s pattern with the little boy on the cover. These pants are way more casual. The shirt is easier to do.

You will see, that everyone will customize their patterns to their own style. AND….none of the patterns that I chose has the fit that those patterns you chose. Learn HOW to sew first. Then tackle fit. I will cover fit. Very lightly. But….it will be covered. Watch what happens on Monday. I warned everyone that they need to try on their patterns. Watch them want to try on the patterns with their clothes on underneath. (The beginnings of that dirty word….FIT…will start to come to life.

Sincerely, Joan McKenna

In Computer Patternmaking: we worked on our individual patterns for our final project. I must say, we are coming along !!!!! For Halloween, we had a raffle in this class. Paula won. What fun !!!!!! I also figured out how to use a background image to trace a pattern. It’s just so easy…….You think it is hard………………………

Links and Things:

This link is for an ITALIAN Project Runway Show.

http://www.sewingpartsonline.com/blog/embroidery-stabilizers-101/?utm_source=Sewing+Parts+Online&utm_campaign=309b335fef-stabilizers_blast&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_265f30d9fa-309b335fef-6612997&mc_cid=309b335fef&mc_eid=aa6f2dee5f Terrific video concerning stabilizer !!!!!!

See you all This Week !!!!!!

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