5 MM Wide and 2.5 MM Default Stitch Length

Dear A–Team:

A Little Light Housekeeping and Etiquette:

1. Please remember that you need to clean up your spot before you leave. This includes SWEEPING the floor.

2. Don’t borrow anything from anyone unless you ASK first.

3. Easy on any FRAGRANCE. I have students in the classroom with sensitive noses and allergies. It IS springtime and between the pollen and the fragrance they are having problems in the classroom. Do not use a lot of perfume.

4, If you want to go to the Creative Stitchery Fashion Show…….there is still time to see Terrell. It is at THE Admiral Kid Club. Tickets are $35 each.

Draping on Body Doubles:

Last week, I took a day (Wednesday) and I showed you all how to complete your dress form. I am sorry to report….that the denim that we are using is really “the GOOD STUFF.” We will not be able to put in breathing room….. This means that I will be teaching ease. The concept of ease is NOT easy and I didn’t want to start with this. Oh well…….It is something that you need to learn. Next time I do this, I will make sure we use 11 ounce denim with a bit of stretch instead of 14 ounce NO STRETCH denim. HOWEVER……..note THIS….there IS a tradeoff. Because we didn’t have ANY stretch in the fabric, you can zig-zag your soutache braid on. You need to zig-zag over the braid…..and not touch it. It needs to move freely within the zig-zag. Remember the setting: 5 MM Wide and 2.5 MM Default Stitch Length. My daughter Kate figured this out…………………………………. I will bring in Paula’s form for you to see on Monday. I still have lots of work to do, but, you will be able to see it taking shape.

We have this week left to go with the fittings. There will be NO MORE FITTING AFTER WEDNESDAY, 3-21-12. Mildred and Maureen want to learn how to drape. They will be unavailable to help. I won’t have the time and neither will the rest of the students in the class. Come to class this week. It is important. On Monday, 3-26-12, we will be draping and patterning bodices. If you still have work to do on your dress form, this is fine. Just get it into condition so that you CAN drape on it. As you finish your form and your arm, show me so that I can grade them. I will be grading the forms and arms ONLY through the end of April. Check your grading sheet. You will see that each drape and pattern gets points.

Couture and Contemporary Tailoring:

We have 4 classes left to finish up our half size jackets. We can do it !!!!!! We are almost there !!!!!!! There are 2 or 3 of you who are keeping up with me. Yeah Team !!!!!! We finished the pockets. We faced the facing for the bound buttonhole. I will be putting in the upper collar and lapel this Tuesday. I will show you how to add the under collar. On Thursday, I will put in the sleeve heads and should pads. I will show you how bespoke tailors put in the sleeve lining. I will show you how contemporary tailors finish off their sleeve lining. The two techniques are totally different. Then all we will have left is hems and one hand worked buttonhole. This is all doable in 4 classes.

I received the following from Georgina. This cannot be stressed enough……………………… Thank you, Georgina !!!!!!!

5 Overlooked Heart Attack Symptoms

See highlights in red

You can arm yourself by recognizing these overlooked signs of a heart attack:

1. Indigestion

Indigestion – an everyday occurrence for some folks – can indicate a heart attack is approaching, especially in women, according to research by the National Institutes of Health. With this unpredictable symptom, look for it to be combined with jaw, chest or back pain, anxiety or excessive sweating.

2. Pain and discomfort in the stomach, neck or jaw

Stork says if it is not related to any physical injury and the symptoms don’t add up, that’s when caregivers need to be concerned. Look for a case where an individual is starting to have what physicians call “referred pain” from their jaw to their arm and there’s no good explanation. On top of that, they may complain of generalized weakness or lack of energy.

Chew Aspirin to Increase the Chance of Surviving a Heart Attack

3. Headaches

Researchers say migraine headaches can be a warning sign of a heart attack, and women in particular who experience migraine with aura (a migraine accompanied by sensory symptoms, like flashes of light, blind spots or tingling in your hand or face) can have double the risk of heart attacks.

4. Fatigue

Stork says that when it comes to fatigue, a heart attack tends to be something different than you’ve experienced before. The words “It just doesn’t feel right” are a warning sign as a physician. That doesn’t mean someone is having a heart attack, but the heart attack symptoms we talk about are when women, in particular, listen to their bodies and typically will say, “I haven’t felt this way before.” It’s more than I’m tired, it’s just a generalized weakness associated often with other subtle symptoms like shortness of breath. “In many cases, when I ask patients further, they will say, ‘Well, I have had a little tinge in my chest but I didn’t think that much of it.’ When you put it all together, you need to be concerned,” Stork says. Feeling stressed out, having a headache and being tired might be things that a person experiences on a daily basis, he explains. “But if you’re feeling fatigue and maybe a little more short of breath than normal, and if something just doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore those symptoms.”

5. Generalized weakness

Stork says that as a caregiver, when you notice that the person you’re caring for has dropped from their baseline, that’s the red flag. They may try to minimize it, if they’re stoic, but if you notice a big change, that’s when it’s worth giving the doctor a call.

Overall, Stork says that as a caregiver, it’s not your job to diagnose a heart attack. “I don’t think the concern should be so much, ‘Is this as heart attack?’ as much as the concern should be, is something potentially wrong here to the point where we need to seek further medical attention?”


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