2 Weeks till the End of Summer School

Hello A-Team:

I am testing out another way to write to the blog.  I hope this goes through.  I am trying all different kinds of things.  Here is a picture from the night we turned in our Sewing Techniques Portfolio.   


Currently, we are working on our Apparel Construction Projects.  What fun !!!!!!

Interesting Links:

Check out this cool exhibit at the Racine Art Museum (Racine, Wisconsin).  Richard saw a piece about it on PBS.  Thank you for sending this to me !!!!!!


also check out:  http://kruktart.com/wearable_sculpture/ws_thumb.html


Welcome To The Embroidery Coach!   This is for all you entrepreneurs !!!!

I want to personally welcome you to the “Embroidery Coach Family” and give you your first of 3 embroidery tips that you will be receiving each week!

The #1 strategy that is holding you back is your mindset!  This was a huge struggle for me when I first started my embroidery business and it lasted for almost 15 years!  I was convinced that I had to be the lowest priced embroiderer to get the work and stay busy!  That mindset almost cost me my entire business! 

As a woman, I did not value my time!  It was hard for me to ask for the money and price my embroidery as it should have been priced.  I collected everyone else’s price list and priced my embroidery to match or just a little lower.  I almost lost my entire business as a result of it!  I was offering very high quality embroidery at a price that was as low or lower than the embroiderer that was offering low quality.  How stupid was that!

I did not realize that what I had to offer was a product that should have been priced much higher than the average local embroiderer because of my quality and service. It took my accountant practically batting me in the head to get this point across.  Either I price my embroidery as I should or close the doors!  I was not making any money and I was never going to make any money if I did not change my mindset and my prices.  I just knew in my own mind that people would not pay those high prices!

I was so wrong!  I created a whole new pricing structure that was much higher.  I did lose some of my customers but they were only the customers that wanted the lowest price. When I changed my total mindset and started promoting my quality product and excellent customer service I had plenty of the work!

The secret is not to project your thinking & feelings onto your customers!  My mindset held me back for 15 years!  Do not let that happen to you!

Joyce Jagger
The Embroidery Coach


Make Money with your Skills!©  See you all this week !!!!!!!!

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