Yes, There IS class Thursday, January 2, 2014


I have updated the blog.

The syllabi for the sewing fundamentals courses are on the blog. I may have gotten the start date wrong for the Using your First Commercial Pattern course. I won’t know this until next week. But, I thought it was more important to get the syllabi out.

The ONLY syllabus I am missing is the one for the ADVANCED Collections class. I have things that need to be taught in this class, and I need to get down the timing and action. The things I am going to teach in this class are: croqui development for fit models, Themed 3-piece collections or 1 3-piece outfit, tech packs, and industrial machine certification. You need to have taken at least one patternmaking course  (full semester) to gain entry into this class or send me an email stating why you want to take this course. We will discuss it.

I will see my Computer Patternmaking class later today. I worked a lot on my personal patterns. I came down with the chest flu that has been going around. For a week, I was in bed with my lap top. Finally, I called my Doctor. If you get this disease….don’t wait….see your doctor !!!!!

Here is a great video link from Threads Magazine: This video goes over a lot of basic things. Enjoy !!!!!!

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