Yes, I KNOW !!!!! Come to Class for Details

Hello A-Team:

Such exciting things are happening in BOTH classes…… Check out the Personal Image Class Pictures from Last Thursday’s Sewing Fundamentals Course. What fun !!!! What an eye opening learning experience!!!! And last Saturday, we went to the National City Swap Meet. It was absolutely terrific !!!!

Sewing Fundamentals: Last week, we completed our Sewing Techniques Portfolios by practicing buttonholes, and had our Personal Image Class. There is NO CLASS this coming Tuesday. It is Veteran’s Day. Salute them all!!!! Without the military and the vets, our lives would be very very different. Next Thursday, November 13, there IS class. We will be cutting out our shirt and pant patterns, on YOUR size line. Make sure you highlight YOUR size line first. We will be pinning the MAIN pieces together and trying on the patterns to start the fitting process. Bring your ¾ inch wide magic invisible tape, highlighters, a gallon size plastic baggie, paper scissors, a pencil, and straight pins. Highlighting, and cutting out your patterns can be done at home to save time. (You will be very glad you did this……) The instructor will do the first pattern fittings. Any fittings you want after that, can be done by a fellow student. You will be making pattern adjustments. You will learn a bit about patternmaking, I know you are all in the process of buying your supplies for the pants and shirt. I know you will need more things than what you bought at the swap meet. MAKE SURE YOU PRESHRINK YOUR FABRICS IN THE WASHING MACHINE AND PRESHRINK YOUR FUSIBLE INTERFACINGS IN YOUR CLEAN KITCHEN SINK.

Sewing Like a Professional: We worked on our Upcycled Garments last week. We will be working on our garments during ONE MORE CLASS – This coming Monday. I have asked the Dean, about canceling the class on Wednesday, November 12. Stay tuned. I should have an answer by tomorrow night. We will be taking the last of the croqui pictures. I will have to reschedule computer room 203. On Thursday Morning, November 13, we will be on Fox 5’s Early Show. We need to get there at 5 AM. Drink lots of coffee. I will see you there !!!!! There are whole bunches of things I need to tell you and we need to discuss. Come to class on Monday night. There are many decisions we need to make. Module 3 will start on Monday, November 17th. Due to what happened at the Swap Meet, we need to make some decisions about this module. I THINK I got a great idea. BUT….I want a class decision……before I implement it. So come to class and have a say in the decision process, and learn what will happen on Thursday morning.

News: Instructor Sfona Phelah will be part of the Printmakers 19th Annual Exhibition on November 12 – 24, 2014 at Gallery 21 in Balboa Park !!!!! There will be a reception on Sunday, November 16 from 4 to 7 PM. Gallery 21 is in Spanish Village.

I can’t wait to hear all about the Mesa Fall Fest, Carolina and her tote bag sales !!!!!

Links: The fundamentals of felting. Video on how to sew knits. Choosing machine embroidery threads. Painting a Landscape with Fabric. What affects the price of your entrepreneurial garments. Tips for cleaning your sewing machine.

SEE YOU ALL IN CLASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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