Welcome to the first classes of Spring 2012 !!!!!

Dear A-Team:

Welcome to Your Career Tech Courses for Spring 2012! From our first meeting(s) last week, you realize that the skills you are going to learn are quite saleable and quite in demand. The deal in this semester is persistence. You may not understand everything during the course. BUT…6 months from now, the skills will creep up in your sewing. Or perhaps the courses will stir you on to take courses at Mesa.

Last week was pure orientation. I didn’t even get a chance to really finish. YOU ARE responsible for the classroom etiquette notes listed in the right hand column on the blog, underneath the rose picture. www.sewalongwithjoanie.wordpress.com. YOU ARE responsible for emailing me when you can’t come to class for 2 reasons. 1. I worry. We’re all family now. 2. I need to defend my courses because I didn’t make the required number of students per class. (26). If I have emails, I just put them on my USB and take them to the school. I don’t stop teaching until I absolutely have to. It gives me great pleasure to pass my skills on to all of you. And remember: Attendance is going to 80%. This is better. In Career Tech classes missing class time can cause major setback problems. Besides, in class, I can only go forward. I can’t stop class. See a peer for what you miss. I also only lightly went over grading. This semester: everything will equal 100%. I really can’t set up the grading charts till later in the month. I need to see who else will be coming on board to learn these job skills.

Both Courses: We all went on the first fandango field trip (this past Saturday) of the semester. This past Sunday, I spent pre-shrinking my fabrics: All but the 100% wool. (Yes, I washed the dressform denim.) First, I serged all my cross grain edges and anything else that looked like it was going to ravel. If you don’t have a serger at home, turn your edges down ¼ inch and just sew them down. That will prevent raveling. I still need to take the wool to the cleaners to preshrink. Trust me, everything does shrink a little bit. I put the fusible nylon tricot in warm water and swished it around and then hung it up to dry. Fusibles have a glue side, you can’t throw them in the washer/dryer to preshrink. I even preshrunk my notions: the maxi piping, the soutashe braid, and the twill tape. The twill tape curled. I need to show you how to straighten this out with an iron. (Yes, for straightening the twill tape, you need to use a regular iron so that you won’t get burnt.) If you missed the fandango, Yardage Town in El Cajon still has supplies. Central Sewing ran out and took orders.

Week 2:

Draping: On Monday, we will start making our Croqui. Remember to wear or bring black leggings and a black leotard or tight black t-shirt. We will be taking pictures for our croqui. I will be using my cell phone. If anyone else wants to help take the pictures, bring your cell phone camera. I will also order the zippers on Tuesday Morning. So we will be collecting for that also, in this class. Remember, you can always get a 40 inch metal zipper to use. Check Keyston Brothers. I do believe they make zippers there.

On Wednesday, bring your USB to class. We will be manufacturing our croquis in room 203 in a program called Paint.net. I can’t stress enough…..ORDER YOUR PEGGY SAGERS PATTERN: 4200. You need this in class on February 15th. The text book and asterisk (*) items on your syllabus needs list won’t be needed till March 26.

Tailoring: From all the reports I have heard, it seams that Sports Arena Staples is the only Staples store that cannot wide format print our patterns. I do plan to visit them this week and find out what the problem is. In the meantime, if anyone has a problem, contact the Rancho San Diego Staples store. 619-670-1094. Speak to Raquel or Jennifer. These gals are fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday, you will be cutting out your ½ size pattern while the instructor takes apart some tailored suit jackets for you to see the inner structure. I would like to open this class up to anyone who wants to come. Yes, you will have to sign in. BUT….I know this class can get pretty interesting…… All the jackets are of various price points so that you can see the differences in traditional/couture, contemporary, and industrial. AND Manual is looking for an old tux jacket to bring to this class Remember to bring the pattern, paper scissors, a pen, your pattern hook, a jumbo hefty storage baggie and some note paper. All demos and lectures will start at 6 PM. So do not push from work. Be safe !!!!!!

On Wednesday, will be laying out and cutting our fabrics. Story Time: So I go back to Yardage Town on Saturday Afternoon to buy the same supplies as you. AND I found that Holly had a lot to say about what I am doing. It seems that she wants to take this course!!!!! What fun if we can get her to come to class !!!! Go to the blog and print your pattern, Holly !!!! I have added in some crazy terrific traditional techniques because of the fabric I have picked for the lining. And now, that I have pre-shrunk….I KNOW I didn’t buy enough lining…… Wait till you see……………. I am going to get pretty creative with this……………………………………. Hope you all ordered your tailoring text books. We will need them starting week 3.

Here are the email addresses that we discussed in Tailoring. These links are GREAT for ANYONE !!!!!! Check it out !!!!!!

www.dressriteforms.com (for sized ½-size dressforms) and www.fabriclink.com/ for fabric university. These sites are incredible. They are SO content oriented !!!!!!!

Sleep well. I will see you all this week. I just realized what time it was !!!!!! I need to get some sleep before class.

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