Two Weeks Left

Hello A-Team: There are 2 weeks left to the Spring Semester. This is the last blog message I will be able to write, till after the new classes start. I am just running out of time !!!!!

In Tailoring: We are still working on our jackets. It was fun for me, to skype with Elo, this weekend. I do hope you all worked hard on your jackets, this Memorial Day weekend.

In Sew Fun: Apparel Construction: We are finishing up our shirt and pant projects and working on our community service projects. We are now hemming and adding embellishments to our skirts. The finishing touch we MUST do: is give each of our 22 skirts a final press. Commandment #14: Thy iron is thy friend. They are turning out SO CUTE !!!! The one thing that will make grading very tough this semester, is that once some of you have finished your projects, you decide NOT to come back to class. Without the proper number of hours, I need to give you an incomplete, EVEN if you have finished your projects. RE-Read your evaluation, which is written in your syllabus. On Thursday, I also showed a power point concerning the use of croqui when you design.

Links: Embroidery Tips I love her quilting tips !!!! See below for one of her older email posts. Vivka Hansen DeNegre is great !!!

Walking the Line

Vivika Hansen DeNegre
Editorial Director, Quilting Arts

Matchstick-style machine quilting is a sophisticated way to give your quilt a modern look. But it also works well any time you want to fill in an area on your quilt–and looks especially nice on solid fabrics.

You can use a contrasting thread to draw attention to the machine quilting or matching thread for a harmonious look.

Matchstick quilting may look difficult, but it isn’t–so long as you have the right tools. A walking foot, rather than the darning foot you would use with free-motion quilting–helps a lot. With the feed dogs up, the walking foot moves all the layers of the quilt sandwich forward at the same time. This technique allows for more even stitching and avoids tucks in the fabric.

My personal patron saint of the walking foot is Catherine Redford. I have watched her demonstrate how to machine quilt with the walking foot to create machine quilting patterns including straight stitching, triangles, plaids, serpentine, and matchstick.

Here are some of her tips for matchstick machine quilting.

1. Press seams open and flat for a more even stitching surface.

2. Pin baste with several small safety pins.

3. To start your first line of straight-line quilting use a seam as a guide, or, place a piece of painter’s tape on the fabric and stitch next to it (not through it–you’ll ruin your needle).

4. Stitch straight across the area you wish to quilt. At the end, pull up the thread and move your needle over to one side of the first quilting line, the width of the foot. Continue this way until you have quilted the entire section. Note: If you come to a seam, do not stitch in the ditch, because the seam was pressed open. Instead, stitch just next to the seam.

5. Now, start filling in the “gaps” between the original stitching lines. Start with one, fill in with close lines of stitching, and then proceed to the next. “Think happy thoughts!” says Catherine, and don’t worry if the lines aren’t exactly straight. “It looks more organic.”

Tonight, I want to leave you with a picture that says a lot: From me to you. There is a Dr. Seuss exhibit in Balboa Park. Graduation is next Friday!!! Congratulations to all of you who are walking !!!!!!!

See you all in class !!!! Joanie