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Last week was an exciting week. You can now see that the lessons build upon one another. Missing a class does not mean you do not have to make up the class at home. YOU MUST keep up with the workload or you will fall further and further behind. Plus….due to the recession…..the school is going to close courses that have less than the average 26 students in them. Here is the language that I received from the Vice President concerning this: Subject: ACS and Enrollment Management 2012-13


As we begin the fall semester it is important to keep in mind the need to effectively manage class enrollment. As you know, average class size (ACS) is the primary indicator of class enrollment and is used to manage class closures. Below is the CE statement, which has been in place for many years now, addressing ACS and class closures. Given the fiscal situation of the state of California and the district, CE has been asked to reduce the instructional program this fall, as have the colleges, so that budgets remain in alignment with the number of class offered.

“All classes with an ACS of less than 26 will be placed on an enrollment watch list. The following guidelines will be used to determine if a class with less than an ACS of 26 will continue:

· If 18 to 25 students at any session, the class may continue with Program Dean approval.

· If 15 to 17 students at any session, meet the full class hours on that day but inform students that future class sessions may be cancelled. Program Dean approval is required to continue holding class with an ACS of 15 to 17 students.

· If 14 or less, meet 1 hour and dismiss. Again, inform students that future class sessions may be cancelled. Program Dean approval is required to continue holding a class with an ACS of 14 students or less.”

Come to class. Both my courses have low enrollment. They are both on the watch list.

Lost and Found: Someone left some safety glasses in the classroom on Thursday night. I have them. See me.

Portfolio Course: Last week, we cut our fabric patterns on Tuesday. You got to do the layouts in class and finish cutting at home. The classroom hasn’t got the table space for everyone to cut. You learned the importance of Commandment #12: Respect Thy Grainlines. I also demo’d how to test and mark dots, notches, etc. Tracing paper and a fabric tracing wheel are essential to do this. On Thursday, we learned the basics of operating stitches on our straight stitch sewing machines. You learned how to wind a bobbin. You started sewing your practice control sheets. I had a serger set up for you to serge your edges so that they would not ravel as you practiced. The alternative to this, was to use the decorative stitches on your straight stitch sewing machine. This coming week: We will finish up our practice control sheets and go on to plain seams, basting seams, and the famous 2 by 2. You will soon discover that Commandment # 14 is true: Thy Iron is thy friend. On Thursday, we will use what we did on Tuesday, to learn how to finish seams in 5 different ways.

Drafting & Flat Pattern Course: Last Monday, we measured our dressforms and you learned a hard lesson. Wednesday, we drafted the front bodice. The drafts come out only as good as your measurements. Will your measuring improve over time? Of course. Will you strive for perfection? Of course. When your first draft comes out correctly, will you still doubt it? Of course !!!!!! If I let you use Lorie Knowles measurements from her pages, the drafts would have been perfect. WHY did I NOT let you have a positive experience during Thursday’s class???? Because you would NOT have believed me: The human body is not symmetrical. Living bodies move and breathe. Inner Stucture also affects FIT. Could you believe where those boobs were on those dress forms? They were set like a teenagers. Older fit models are NOT so perky !!!!! You needed to learn HOW to fix errors, EASILY…… You need to learn how not to get frustrated. I can’t apologize for putting you through these basic lessons. You will always remember the fix. It took 5 minutes……….. Those of you, who left early, missed the best part of the lesson. This coming Monday, we will be doing the back bodice. Wednesday, we will be doing the sleeve, which, if you want, you can stuff. I have stuffing. I also have patterns for the armhole and wrist covers. Check out my arms to see how I did it. I don’t remember how much stuffing I have in the classroom. Remind me to check. There is no time to make the arms in the classroom. IF you want arms, you will haveto make them @ home.

Links and Miscellaneous Knowledge:

Did you know that crushed Eggshells can remove coffee and tea stains from mugs????

Did you know that you should soak your showerhead in distilled vinegar for 15 minures to remove a coating of mineral deposits? MUCH safer to use than chemicals !!!!!

Go here to check out Life’s Simple 7 steps for a healthier heart.This site will rate your answers to their quiz. It lets you know where you need to improve. Blind Hemmer foot video from Sewing Machine Parts Online. Great place to get things for your sewing machine. Realage Terrific Videos !!! Take a look at this site !!!!!! Make sure you scroll down to see all the rest of the videos ……………….. Hand knit an amazing scarf with step by step instructions. Great LIST OF INDEPENDENT PATTERN COMPANIES. And it is a LONG list !!!!! Check this out !!! This is incredible !!!!!!

In honor of Constitution Day, Monday, September 17, I am going to end this message with a picture. It says A LOT about our founding fathers………

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!

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