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Hello A-Team:

I hope you had a great holiday break.  It is time to come back and learn some more.  

Sewing Fundamentals 2:  Apparel Construction.  In our last 2 classes, we had pattern fittings, read our pattern guides, learned about grainlines with a PowerPoint, and laid out our shirt and pants patterns with a nap layout and on grain.  Then I sent you home to cut your fabric out.   Tomorrow, in class we are NOT following the syllabus.  Bring all your cut fabric attached to your patterns.  Bring all your fabric scraps.  We are going to have a class on TLC for sewing machines and sergers.  If you have a sewing machine, you want to use in class, learn how to clean, take care of, make bobbins for, this is the class to bring the machine to.  We will go over threading straight stitch machines.  Printout and bring:  Trouble Shooting Your Machine, from the downloads page of this blog.  We will also master the use of the serger.  Be prepared:  This class can take up to 2 class periods to teach.  

Computer Patternmaking with Patternmaker.  There are 2 weeks left before we are going to get our patterns printed.  I WANT you all to be ready.  I hope you all worked on your patterns during the break.  Those of you who are late with your patterns will have to get them printed yourself.  So work hard and I will see you all on Wednesday night.

Links:  Great Xmas Embroidery Design.  Remember to download it in PES format.

You NEED to go to this site !!!!!     This is a great website to visit.  They have sewing gift baskets.  So give your loved ones hints about this site !!!!!  And then if you tinky down the page, you will find 10 sewing videos. I may not agree with all they have to say, but  this is knowledge at its finest.  Spend some time here.  You will pick up lots of hints and tricks. For all you bag lovers, see what Kenneth King has to say about taking apart old bags to see the construction and take a pattern.  This is part 1.  I will publish the link for part 2 as soon as it comes out.  


See you all in class.