The Week Before the Open House Fashion Show

Blog #3 April 26, 2006

Hello A-Team !!!!

Check out this week’s picture. There are 6 designers there. Left to Right. Upper to Lower, I can only name 3. Can you name the rest???? Let me know. Send me an email.

#1. Donatella Versace. #5. Madeleine Vionnet. #6: Coco Chanel.

Check out the best link ever!!! I put a new link up under Fashion News. Check out the site: Fashion Windows. It is a wealth of information concerning fashion designers (past and presnent) + fashion news + more !!!!!

I also put up more info under Jobs and Career. Things to know when you are laid off.

What an exciting week we have coming up!!


We have some students who are finished with their fashion show feather shirts. We have some that are not. For those who are ahead, let’s bring some cutaway and solvy and do a stitchout on stretch velvet. I gave the green velvet to you a while ago. Check your stash….. This will be fun to do. I now have 4 repaired embroidery machines + the Viking Rose. Come to class and let’s practice !!!! If you still need a shirt to embroider feathers on, let me know. I have two donated shirts that are just waiting to be used.

This is the week we need to make our model list for the fashion show. For the Thursday night class….this is the last class before the show. Our feather shirt fashion show will be at 12:15 PM on May 6th, in room 211 of West City Center. For those of you who can not attend, don’t worry: You can give me your shirt. We have plenty of dress forms that will display with HONOR !!!

Basic Sewing:

We need to discuss our Sample Portfolio presentation this week. Next Monday night…they are due. I know…we are NOT finished, yet. BUT….the Portfolios will look excellent just the way they are!!!! Everyone will be able to see just how much you have learned !!!!!


We are in the middle of patterning our first dress. This week we will finish it up by completing the sleeves, facings, interfacings, and adding seam allowances. Then we can cut and sew our toile/sample to check the fit. WHAT FUN !!!! Remember to bring ALL your pattern making tools. It is time to buy the notions for our dress: The notions are listed in the specifications chart on page 131 of our text book. You will need 7 or 9 half-inch buttons, ONE 9 to 12 inch polyester side zipper, and rat/mouse tail (About 1/2 yard). Check your stash !!! If you have not bought your toile/sample supplies, do NOT buy the rat/mouse tail. I bought the class something better to use. Come to class and find out what it is !!!!

This week’s class is the last class before the fashion show. You will need to dress a half-scale dress form for the show with your muslin sloper. I promise to take pictures so that you can see how they were displayed. So don’t forget to bring your dress with your “arm.” I can’t wait to see this all displayed !!!!!!!!

Be persistent in your studies !!!!! Come to class prepared to LEARN !!!!

Make it a GREAT week !!! See you all in class !!!!