The Joy of Learning

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Hello A-Team:

Learning takes place every time we get together.  It’s exciting to build upon.  Remember Life isn’t about waiting for the learning to come to you…..YOU need to chase the learning.  Store it in the file cabinets of your mind.  It WILL come out and be very useful.

Portfolio Class:  Last week, we became the master of our grainlines.  We learned how to lay and cut fabric.  We practiced fusing, and serging for the first time.  This coming week, we will learn all about marking our fabrics.  We will discover how easy it is to take care of our sewing machines.  AND We will begin to sew.   

Computer Patternmaking Class:  We started off last week, by learning how to work some of the icons in Patternmaker.  In Thursday’s class, we tried to input our measurements and make our first patterns.  We learned how to make measurement adjustments.  You gotta understand that if you get the measurements correct, you can open any pattern in YOUR SIZE.  Yes, it will need to be tweaked, but NOTHING major.  YOU will be able to redesign the patterns to achieve your own looks.  It’s easy.  We just need to get our measurements in correctly.  Making a sloper will be the test of our measurement accuracy.   This week, we will continue the process and learn to use some more tools.  


So this week, my producer did a test YouTube video of me.  What do you think?  Let me know.  

Ecommerce for your fashion business:  Free advice !!!!  Anything to help my business I need to see.  Especially if it is free !!!!

Repairing Stay Fabric Snips Video:

Here is Kimberr’s corset sale flyer:  Kimberr's Sale

Have a Terrific Week !!!!!

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