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    Thank you for sending this to me, Jeannette.

Hello A-Team:

Can you believe it is 2016 already !!!!!   It was a short rainy week last week…….  Yes, there was class on Wednesday and Thursday night.  There are just 3 weeks left to the Fall semester.  Yes, there is class every day except Martin Luther King’s Day:  January 18th.  

Both classes:  Sewing Fundamentals 2 and Computer Patternmaking need to complete their projects,  And remember for a grade:  you need to have at least 80% of all class hours + your completed project. 

My courses and timing changed for Spring 2016.  I am still writing syllabi for the upcoming semester.  There is lots of stuff already up on the blog.  BUT…please be patient with me.  I like writing complete syllabi.    

Interesting Links:  Periodically I mention this site.  If you are serious about becoming a great pattern maker, check this out !!!!  Someday, I am going to Eugene, Oregon and take classes there.  Urban threads has a great freebie out:  Winosaur.  Very cute.  If you are into machine embroidery, grab it !!!!  If you do not own an embroidery machine, yet, make sure you pick it up in PES format.   They also have a free standing dress form, that I just had to put on my wish list………….

How to Use a Tailor’s Board  This is from the threads newsletter.  Very good techniques to know.   This video comes with a commercial in the beginning.  Just turn the sound down. 

See you all in class !!!!!