Hello A-Team:

There is no class tonight. It is President’s day. So you have a 3 day weekend. There IS class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tailoring: Last Monday: We started trying on our tailored jacket patterns. And we continued last Wednesday. Make all the pattern changes that we could make. There is no class tonight. So your light fabric toile is due next Wednesday, February 18, in class. Remember to cut the toile with 1 inch seam allowances. 5/8 seam allowances are already in your patterns. Just add 3/8 inch to every seam. Sew it up with basting stitches. Remember to insert your sleeves and insert the bottom collar. Do NOT cut anything else. You will need to re-tailor the patterns according to what we do with your fabric toile. (Note: Your changes will affect more than one pattern piece.) Yes, you can use Muslin. BUT….it is expensive. So see what you can find in poly cotton that is less expensive.

Sew Fun: Last Tuesday, we learned how to fuse, serge, and transfer pattern markings to our fabric. On Lincoln’s REAL birthday, we learned how to care for sergers and straight stitch sewing machines. From now till April 7, we will be following the techniques listed on our Sewing Techniques Portfolio Grading Sheet. Remember to write in the date you completed the sample. Next week, we will learning about seam stitches, the magic 2 mm by 2mm stitch, and serging on a straight stitch sewing machine. We will also learn a whole bunch of seam finishes and sew up our bodice-jacket shoulders and side seams. The commandment that is connected to this is: Commandment 14: Thy iron is thy friend.

See you all in class !!!!

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