Next Week in Pictures

Dear A-Team:

I thought the following would be fun to describe what is happening in the classes next week. Remember to turn in your homework. Enjoy !!!!


Besides starting your final projects, we have one more draping session with knits.

Industrial Tailoring:

Respect Thy Grainlines and Cut Your Fabric.

Starting to find the grain.

Cutting off the fringe.                                     The final thread pull.

Folded and on grain.                              Tired Help.

Cutting the Wiggan.                             Cutting the Ends of the Wiggan

Hair Canvas Layout.                            Layout for the striped side of the main fabric.

Lining Layout                                     Lining the Sleeves Layout.

Wool Fabric Layout.                            Grainline Measuring

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fun packed learning week is planned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Associate Professor

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