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I am trying very hard to get the list to work in Mail Chimp so that you can control if you want to subscribe or not. It’s coming along. It will probably take me a few weeks to get this right. Please bear with me……………… I know, some of my colors are just not right and I just don’t know how to change them, yet. I will figure this out !!!!!

Housekeeping: Note when you sign into the class on the Class Attendance Verification Form (CAV), you MUST sign in using your full name. Example: Nancy is just not enough of a signature. Jane Doe is much better. Also you MUST sign in the time you came and the time you think you are leaving.

Portfolio: Last week, we learned a whole bunch of different seams and darts. Next week, we will learn an amazing amount about serging. On Tuesday, don’t bring your sewing machines. You will need your cut fabric pieces. And we also have a guest speaker: Paula and Mike Rupley from Central Sewing. On Thursday, bring your machines and learn all about V-necklines. We will also learn how to read a pattern envelope.

Collections: Last Wednesday, our only class for the week, we worked in pairs on the industrials. It was great fun for me to watch as everyone’s fear disappeared. On Monday night, we will be rethreading the overlocks in teams of 4. Have you read your handouts??? Remember to bring needle nose bent tweezers and embroidery scissors. On Wednesday night, we will have a written exam concerning the industrial sewing machines. Your 12 or more croqui collection drawings are due. We need to set in stone, what you will be patterning and sewing in this course.

Links and Articles:

1. Check out this link for Postage Rates: This is a great site to know about !!!!

2. Thank you Kristine for sending in the following article concerning Figure Skating Dresses:

How much do skating dresses cost?

3. For those of you who are starting an embroidery/sewing business here is a message from Bonnie. Thank you Bonnie for sending this to me !!!!!

Hi Joan

I bought t shirts from a nice guy name Mark in Carlsbad’s… On Tuesday

1 760-710-7793… He has 1,000’s of name brand shirts … and lots of other things for CHEAP….He closed his store and now wants to liquidate his remaining inventory… I may go back for more ???

Will you share with your students? They can get great deals.

I have been up to so MUCH…

I LOVE and miss you !!!

Bonnie & Boys

4. You know, you can all enter this !!! What fun !!!!!! The theme for the San Diego County Fair this year is:

See you all in class this week !!!!!!

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