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Fashion Show Information: There will be 2 fashion shows this year. One will be held on May 17th at the Educational Cultural Complex on Ocean View Blvd. This will be held during the World Cultures Festival. If you made the garment in our classrooms, you are invited to show. The second show, will be our annual Silk and Saffron Show at West City Center off of Midway. It will be held on Thursday night, May 29th. This will be a sit down dinner with tickets going for $40 each. There will be Opportunity Drawings + other fun things happening. To be in the fashion show associated with this event, your garment will need to be picked by the Fashion Show committee. More information to be given out in class as I attend the meetings.

Fitting Your First Apparel Collection: Last week we worked on our patterns. I was hoping that by this week, we would have our patterns completed and would be starting our sample toiles. I am concerned that everyone is falling behind. I don’t see anyone using the industrial sewing machines. Without seeing this, I cannot even begin to start the industrial practical exams. Check out the timing and action in your syllabus. In a blink….the May Fashion Shows will be upon us.

Sewing Fundamentals: Portfolio: We are down to the final 2 weeks of this course. Last week we practiced how to sew on various closures, and embellishments. Last Thursday, we learned how to sew 3 kinds of pockets. This coming Tuesday we will be learning how to hem our garments by machine and by hand. Yes, we will hem our half-size bodices. Thursday, we will learn how to sew 3 zippers. You will need to have your invisible zipper feet for your machine. If you do not have this, you can get a plastic universal invisible zipper kit. They have these at both Joanne’s and at Yardage Town. Check out this great YouTube video !!!!!! (Do NOT go to the so called “newer version.” The newer version shows how to do this, with a lining. We are not working with linings, yet.) This video gives directions on using the universal invisible zipper foot which you will need to class if you do not have an invisible zipper foot that is specifically made for your personal sewing machine. The final week, we will be learning how to make machine made buttonholes. What fun !!!!!!

Links: Here is a GREAT link on Finding Fabric in Odd Places. Take the time and read this. It’s worth it. Thank you Dawn for sending this terrific link on closures !!!!!

All—great news! Today’s issue of the Reader features SDCE on the cover: “It’s All Free, An Education. 100% Off.”

The article includes wonderful student success examples and combines just enough history and program information to educate (not confuse) the reader about SDCE and the students we serve. Additional important messages include: SDCE campus of excellence themes; Propositions S and N (a mention of the new Chavez facility); the Immigrant Professional Transfer Academy; free classes open to all; eye-opening statistics, and the important fact that since 1914 SDCE has served the needs of the community, and that it was the voters in San Diego who chose adult education to be part of community colleges.

Per usual with the feature stories in the Reader, the article is lengthy and in the hard copy version of the paper, the article spans 4 pages. Perhaps the easiest way to read it is online. Plus, the online version has three terrific video clips about our students. In the third video: Tina and her Handbag Projects, Tina mentions me by name. I was thrilled. Thank you, Tina !!!!

This is an important story and I offer many thanks to Anthony, Bob Parker, Ernie Romero, Gretchen Bitterlin and others who interviewed or answered my never-ending fact-checking questions—and of course to our students who were willing to share their stories.

The Reader is distributed to more than one quarter of a million readers!

I am very proud of this article and it’s help to educate the community about SDCE—and especially during our celebratory 100th year!

Career Opportunity:

Name of company: Pickett: Made with Love

Email William to apply after reading the job qualifications.


Location: Position is located in San Diego. Only applicants in

the Greater San Diego area will be considered.

Availability: Position is available for immediate start.


Samplemaker 1: 3-5 years minimum experience in contemporary-designer apparel

markets, with expertise in soft wovens, cut-n-sew knits.

Samplemaker 2: 3-5 years minimum experience in contemporary-designer apparel

markets, with expertise in hard tailored wovens, heavy

fabrications, and leather.

Rate: Position is permanent Full-time Non-exempt. 30 hours

Minimum/Weekly. $12-18/hr negotiable based on experience.


• Responsible for the sewing construction of samples as directed

by patternmaker and design team.

• Work closely and in liaison with the design team and


• Maintain sewing and quality standards set by Design Director

for samples per style.

• Organize and Maintain sewing station, and sewing supply


• Work in coordination with T&A calendar to meet strict



• A minimum of 3 years experience as a seamstress

working in the contemporary to designer womenswear markets.

• Although each samplemaker will focus on specific categories,

expertise sewing all categories of wovens, cut-n-sewn knits,

and skins is highly preferable.

• Must have expertise with high end and fine fabrications.

• Must have expertise in constructing high-end quality samples.

• Must be expert with equipment such as, industrial sewing

machines (straight stitch, walking foot, overlock, baby

overlock, button-hole), steam iron.

• Must speak basic English. Spanish is acceptable.

• Must have good communication skills.

• Must be able to work under pressure in a fast paced


• Must have extensive garment construction and technical


• Must be able to work under strict deadlines in fast-paced


• Must be able to work competently and independently when Design

Director is traveling.

See you all in class !!!!!!

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