Learning Retention

Hello A-Team:

This is how it works: Coming to class helps with learning retention. Some of you only come once a week. This will not allow you to accrue enough hours to receive a grade for your work. In order to receive a grade, you need to be in class 80% of all class time. Also, you miss the lessons, my help, and the camaraderie. Coming to class also takes you out of one world and puts you in another. It gives you a break from your daily routine. Remember this and come to class.

Abe sent me LA Garment Fandango Pictures. In order for you to see them, go to the blog: www.sewalongwithjoanie.wordpress.com.

Collections: We are working on our final garment(s) for our fashion show presentation. We have about 2 weeks and boy (!) do we have a lot to do. I do hope you all know, you can work at home and come to me for help in class.

Portfolio: Things you MUST remember so that you take out all the TLC (Tender Loving Care) from your sewn garments to make them look store bought:

1. Always remember to backstitch at the start and end of each seam. This will keep your garment from falling apart after you have finished your construction.

2. When you need to baste: I like to baste by hand. It is MUCH easier to remove and I can make my stitches longer. I like to make my stitches about ½ inch in length. This also gives my fabric some wiggle room and I can shape the two pieces together. When you baste by machine, you need to extend your stitch length to as long as the machine will allow. The length will be somewhere around ¼ inch per stitch. Yes, this is an easier stitch to remove, even when you backstitch, but it does not allow for wiggle room.

3. Commandment #14: Thine Iron is thy friend. You MUST press open each seam before you sew across it. In this way, you will have flat garment shaping. If you press over a shaping ham, you will have rounded shaping. For your first garment, you need flat shaping. So far, only one of you, has darts in your garment. Darts always get lightly pressed down and toward the center of any garment. Then press the darts over the ham. This will form the rounded shaping and make sure you have no sharp dart points.

Last Tuesday, Machine Embroidery was demonstrated. I hope you ALL try it !!!! Some started with the scrubs pants first. Some started with the Hawaiian shirt first. Either way, you are all coming along GREAT !!!! I am SO proud of all of you !!!!!

Classroom Notes:

1. So far, everyone who submitted their design is still in the show from ALL my courses !!!! YEAH !!!!! After the fashion show, I will take one teaching class and teach a bit of color coordination and image coordination. This will be a fun class where you will learn a lot !!!!

2. Hi Joanie, I have a customer looking for a sewer to hire at the 4th Ave. market call me I’ll get you the details. Mike Rupley. 619-447-3244. If you want a job….call !!!!!

3. ALPHABETICAL TECHNOLOGY TIPS – Tech Tip Alphabet 2013/2014 By SDCE Technology Resource Instructors

A is for Alt Key Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log into district computers, lock computer or start task manager; Alt + numeric keypad #1=☺, Alt+2=☻, Alt+3=♥; Alt+155=¢
B is for Browser § Back/Forward arrows to get to previously viewed webpages

§ Use circular refresh arrow to reload page

§ ‘Bookmark’ favorite sites by clicking on the star or plus symbol near address

C is for Ctrl Keys On the Internet, Ctrl + T (open new website tab); Ctrl + D (bookmark a favorite website); Ctrl + Tab (cycle thru open websites);

Ctrl and + (enlarge text size); Ctrl and – (decrease text size)

D is for Delete (in E-mail) § To delete multiple messages (Ctrl key and click on non-consecutive messages, then Delete key; Shift key and click first and last message for consecutive messages, then Delete);

§ To delete all messages in a folder (right-click over Deleted Items Folder, click Empty Folder or Delete All, then confirm deletion)

E is for Empty Deleted Items Right-click over Deleted Items Folder, select Empty Deleted Items, then Yes.
F is for F Keys F1 for Help F2 to Rename File, Folder, or Icon
F3 to Initiate a Search F5 to Refresh
F6 to Highlight Internet Address Box F7 for Spell Check/Grammar Check
F11 for Full Screen Mode on Internet
G is for Google a. Narrow search: Type weather and the city; time and the city;

or population and the place

b. Google News (news.google.com)

H is for H Drive H Drive to store your documents at work; log onto computer, look in Computer folder, then Network Location section. Contact YOUR FAVORITE help desk if you can’t locate your H Drive.
I is for Internet Shortcuts  F4 for list of websites recently visited

 Zoom in/out quickly with Ctrl and plus key/minus key

J is for Junk E-mail Find folder in left column; Check regularly;

§ To move message back to Inbox, open Junk E-mail folder, right-click on message and click Junk E-mail, then click Mark as Not Junk

§ To block sender outside of district, right-click on Inbox message, click Junk E-mail, then click Add Sender to Blocked Sender List

K is for Keyboard Shortcuts a. Ctrl + C = copy b. Ctrl + V = paste c. Ctrl + X = cut

d. Ctrl + P = print e. Ctrl + S = save f. Ctrl + A = select all

g. Ctrl + Z = undo h. Windows key = open Start menu

i. Windows key + D = go to desktop

j. Windows key + L = lock your computer (log in again to unlock)

k. Tab to go from box to box in Internet form; Shift + Tab to reverse

l. Shift + Delete to bypass recycle bin (permanent delete)

L is for Links Hover over link to see exact address
Don’t click link if unsure of source Copy/paste link to Internet address box if can’t open from document/message
M is for Mouse § Left button to click; right button to open menu; center wheel to scroll.

§ With Windows 7, click/drag from top of window to reduce size; drag to top of screen for full screen view; drag window to the left/right side of screen for half size view.

N is for Netiquette

(for E-mail)

Use appropriate Subject line Be concise in message Use caution with Reply to All Use BCC for large audience
Use CAPS sparingly Only type what you would say in person Never assume message won’t go to others
O is for Online Safety Always log out; Make unique passwords; Don’t give out personal info online.
P is for PowerPoint Tutorials: 1. Goodwill Industries PowerPoint Tutorials

2. Microsoft PowerPoint Basics 3. YouTube of 12 PowerPoint Tips

Q is for QR Codes QR stands for Quick Response and codes typically contain business, product, or contact information. Read using a QR reader app, which utilizes your device’s camera to decipher the code instantly.
R is for Recycle Bin § On desktop, move items by: a. drag + drop; b. click item + Delete key; or

c. right-click item and Delete.

§ Double-click on Recycle Bin to open. Click Empty the Recycle Bin regularly to permanently delete all files.

§ Right-click on an individual file to restore or delete it separately.

S is for Style (as in Font) Change default font style in Word: in Home ribbon, click down arrow in Font group, select Font, Style, Size then click Set as Default. Choose for this document or all documents, then click OK.
T is for Taskbars and Toolbars § Taskbar is at desktop bottom; Easy access to common programs. Add program icons from Programs list with right-click + drag to pin to taskbar. Right-click on taskbar icons to unpin.

§ Toolbars are usually at top of desktop for groups of popular commands. Common Internet toolbars are Menu, Command, Favorites, and Status. Right-click in unused area at top of screen to check/uncheck toolbars.

U is for Undo Microsoft Office shortcut: Ctrl + Z to undo; Ctrl + Y to redo. On a Mac, use Command + Z to undo and Shift + Command + Z to redo.
V is for Viruses § Utilize anti-virus software

§ Don’t open e-mail attachments from people you don’t know

§ Use caution with pop-up window ads or free game ads.

W is for Word Tips ü To make fancy title: Home ribbon, then blue

ü To delete table row/column: Highlight it, then hit Delete key.

ü To make unique bullets: Click down arrow by bullet symbol in Home ribbon, then choose Define New Bullet.

X is for ‘X’ing Something Out In Microsoft Word: a. Highlight text to ‘X’ out;

b. From Home ribbon, click on strikethrough button (abc)

Y is for YouTube Free, video-sharing website (www.youtube.com).

Youtube playlist for short computer learning videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAE6B03CA849AD332

(aka http://www.teachparentstech.org).

Z is for Zoom § In Microsoft Office, use zoom bar in bottom right corner

§ Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel up and down

See you all in class this week !!!!!!

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