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Hi A-Team!!!

What a 4 day weekend !!!! Of course, I didn’t get everything done. I will not get all my embroidery work done. I will be doing this all next week. I will get my knit toile done for the Drape, Drape course. I will be doing this tonight. This is why I am writing you while the sun is still shining. In both courses we are busy.

Drape Drape: Some have started their final project after finishing their toiles. Some do not understand why they need to do the final if the toile fits. This exercise is one you will use for life. Some of you discovered that the fit was something to be worked on or that the necklines were just too low. There are changes to be made on the final. On Monday, you will have a treat. Frances needs a fix for her top. I am going to show you the way to do this with flat pattern manipulation. If you decide NOT to do the final after doing the sample toile, that decision WILL affect your final grade…………… You need to understand the value of making sample garments.

Computerized Machine Embroidery: Our last day in the computer classroom was last Tuesday. This leaves all the rest of the time for stitch outs and sewing the purse together. If you need any minor Embird work done, we can do it in our sewing classroom. I won’t be ready to sew my purse together. It will take me another week. I took time off, this weekend, to see “The Lone Ranger.” This is a dark comedy. It is very good. It is NOT for children. Go see this. I give it 5 stars. The makeup alone, deserves an academy award !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun things to click on: This seems to be a fun group. Check it out.

Sew Pro’s is doing a Pin Cushion Challenge !!!!! Join in the fun. See attached !!!!!! In to Tailoring? Click here to see the latest edition of Scabal’s Bespoken. Bernina’s Through the Needle online magazine. Threads newsletter. This will get your creative brain juices flowing !!!!!

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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