Inspiration and the Week to Come !

Hello A-Team !!!!

On Saturday, I had the chance to visit the Natural History Museum and see the King Tut Exhibit. It was very impessive and inspirational !!!! I have posted pictures. The sandles are the best!!! Pictures of King Tut’s enemies are painted on the shoes so that as the King walks, he walks on his enemies. Sam works there and she can testify how great the exhibit is. It was fun seeing her !!!

Sew Fun: Next Tuesday: Darts, Seams and seam variations. Next Thursday: More Seams and the right hand corner seam.

Tailoring: Remember to bring a men’s tailored shirt to class for your fittings. I really can not fit you, without the proper shirt under it. I KNOW, you will NOT be wearing these jackets with sweaters under them. This week, we will be repatterning our “toiles” after our fittings. If your pattern did NOT come with a lining, now is the time to make it. See the instructional handout I gave you. We need all the patterns to reflect the changes we made in the sample toiles.

Here is a FABULOUS link from Richard !!!!!! Bespoke coat making. You can’t get any better instruction than this !!!!!


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