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I am fine! There were so many well-wisher emails, that I could not answer them all !!!!! Thank you very very much. After the EKG, Cat Scan, Blood Work, and the rest, they still don’t know what hit me. It was not a stroke or a brain hemorrhage. I refused to do a spinal meningitis test. I just didn’t have all the symptoms for this. The Tylenol they gave me, had 1 gram of Tylenol + something else. It made it so that I could open my eyes without sun glasses on. I think I had a migraine. I go in to see my general doctor in early July. Whatever this was, I don’t wish this on my worst enemy. Very strange. I am fine.

Housekeeping: Registration, Signing In for Class, and the HELP list

I had to check this weekend to see if everyone registered for both classes this summer. The fiscal year ends June 30th, so we had to have 2 registrations. There were about 5 students who registered for one course and not the other. Some registered for the July course and not the June. We have 3 days to straighten this out. I sent out emails. Also, I need to mention the signing in on the attendance sheet. Your names are all printed on it. Please sign in after your name and make sure….you sign in your time, and the time you think you are leaving. I cannot tell you how important this is. I am going to institute the Help List on the White Board. In this way, if you need help, you sign your name on the list. This will help make the class less chaotic for EVERYONE !!!!!!

The Courses:

Drape Drape: On the one day we did meet, this week, everyone was putting together their pattern. Remember to use a lot of “green” invisible scotch tape. If you leave any holes, something may get caught and tear the pattern. Some of you are already going to cut your “toile.” We are definitely moving forward !!!! Once we fit the toile, you will be able to make the changes on your pattern and cut your final. I finally found single sided fusible stay tape. I am going to order this on Monday or Tuesday. I am just unhappy with the double sided stay tape that I got from Ace. Next week, we will be going forward. You can work at your own pace. Breathe. I am there to help you interpret the designs. I will be sewing up my toile and garment at home. I will bring it in, for critiques.

Embroidered Purses: Last Tuesday, you learned how to manipulate a design in Embird. You learned how to change colors, add tie on and tie off stitches, and how to move the sewing order. But….the MAIN thing you learned was always play with a copy of the design. NEVER work with the original. In this way, if you are ever unhappy with what you have done, you always have the original to go back to. On Thursday, we did stitch outs. The designs stitch out BEAUTIFULLY from Beautifully Fashioned Custom Creations!!!! The other good thing done was to assign the .pes cards. In this way, if you know your number, you will always get the designs your manipulated in Embird.

Interesting Places to Visit:

This coming weekend, you can go to the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. Check out the website: What an interesting way to network !!!!!!

Thank you Candyce for telling me about this !!!!! Don’t forget to go to the San Diego Fair! The theme this year is GAME ON !!! I went this Sunday. It is fun. It is always crowded and fun. The Hobbies and Home Ec Exhibits were terrific. Don’t miss the collections !!!!! Someone had collected miniature toilets. I laughed !!!! Check out the bobbin lace booth. This is just so fascinating !!!! For those of you who quilt, the 2013 Quilters Run continues from June 37 through June 30th. The theme this year is: Run through the reruns !!!! See me in class if you want a brochure.

Five Tips to Have Trouble Free Embroidery:

  • Tip #1 – Keep your machine lint and dust free – Dust and lint can cause problems with your power supply and with how the machine runs. Make sure you keep a can of compressed air near your machine. Lint brushes are also handy to have and useful for cleaning out the small crevices.
  • Tip #2 – Keep your machine oiled – Proper lubrication will help ensure your machine runs smoothly. White sewing machine oil can be used for lubricating large moving parts. A zoom spout oiler, which also contains white sewing machine oil, is useful for smaller or hard to reach areas.
  • Tip #3 – The H Test – The H test will help ensure that your tensions are set correctly. To perform this test, set your machine to sew out the letter H. When you look at the back of your sew out, you should see 2/3 embroidery thread and 1/3 bobbin thread. If you see a different ratio, then your tensions are most likely off.
  • Tip #4 – Clean your bobbin case – This step is a simple thing but can make a big difference in how well your machine holds tensions. Lint and dust can accumulate under the tension spring and should be removed. Use the edge of playing card or a business card to clean away the debris. Do not use anything metal as that could cause damage to the bobbin case.
  • Tip #5 – Use the right amount/size of stabilizer – Embroidery stabilizers can be logically divided into two main types: "backings" and "toppings." A "backing" is a piece of special material (usually nonwoven) that is placed UNDER the main fabric on which you intend to embroider, to make this fabric more stable. Embroidery backings prevent fabric puckering, fabric stretching and deformation of embroideries after laundry. "Topping", as you may already have guessed, is placed OVER the fabric on which you want to embroider. Embroidery topping is a special material that is designed to stop embroidery stitches from "sinking" into stitches-absorbing types of fabric. For example – if you embroider on fleece, jersey, terry cloth, velvet, corduroy, artificial fur and so on – using embroidery topping is simply a must. If you neglect to do this, your precious project will be hopelessly ruined. A topping is also great to use if you want your design to "stand out" a little, even on regular fabric.

Gorgeous free design from Urban Threads:

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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