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Hello A-Team:

I know, these pictures were taken without the collar put on. They are from about 2 weeks ago. BUT, I have an excuse. Last week, we had a fandango field trip with Sew Pro’s to the LA garment district and to M & L fabrics in Anaheim. In LA, we visited B. Black and sons for our inner structure for our tailored jackets. At M & L, we bought fabric for our pants and shirts. That was a wild weekend where I just could not publish an A-Team email. I just HAD to get these pictures out on the blog. I love the smiling faces of the students. I love the “suits” coming together. By now, we have the collars on, and we have decorated our bodice/jackets with patches, couching and raw applique. More pictures will come in the future.

Tailoring: We continue with our tailored samples. We have done: a mitered corner on a hem vent, 2 kinds of bound buttonholes and one machine made corded buttonhole, and a welt pocket. This coming Monday, we will be doing our final pocket: The double welt pocket with a flap. You will need your pre-shrunk fabrics and notions no later than Wednesday, March 25. Wednesday, I will grade your tailoring samples, while you layout and cut your jacket, lining, and inner structure, on the proper grains. Take your time and finish the cutting at home over spring break. Do the layouts in class. Have me check the layouts. April 6th, we will start marking our haircanvas. Tailor marking needs to happen on the wool fronts, etc.

Sew Fun: We are still working on our sewing techniques portfolios. We will learn 4 kinds of heming on Tuesday. On Thursday, we will be learning how to input zippers. You will need to get your portfolios in order over spring break. After spring break, you have one week before you will need your pre-shrunk: fabrics and woven interfacing. Your portfolios are to be graded on April 7th. This is the day we will be learning how to make machine made buttonholes. On April 9th, we will have our Personal Image Class. This will be the transition from working on our portfolios, to working on our shirt and pants.

Links and Things: Men’s Tailored Fashions. Zipper Basics and MORE !!!!!!

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Hello all,

My last note was at the new year – as we were on the verge of revamping the new studio. Now we are a couple days away from Spring! The bulk of the construction is complete and I’m impatiently waiting to get my signage up on this newly renovated building and I’m eager to share it with you. The dust has settled (yes I need to dust ) – and the tarps are down – no hammers. Things are much more friendly around here and I’m able to focus on more creative prospects.

So here’s what we are working on in the studio. – We still have our Wednesday eve, Friday morning, and Saturday AM and PM time slots for sewing classes and come June we will be back to the summer schedule which will include the weekly kids sewing camps in addition to the ongoing monthly sessions.

We have started a sewing social group through – We are “The North Park Sewing Lounge” We will be hosting monthly sewing socials and open studio time – these are not classes. I invite you to join so that you can get any notifications we send out. I’m also working with the manager of the fabulous “The Fabric Store” in LA – Brooke Barrett – who is a doll – we will be keeping a multitude of swatches on hand for your viewing pleasure. Brooke offered us a discount and is hoping to make getting quality dressmaking fabrics an easier task for the seamstresses here in San Diego. All of the swatches are numbered for easy ordering. Thank you Brooke.

Lastly – I do intend to learn all this social media stuff – honestly I would rather sew – but I will start making every effort to use Instagram and Facebook -UGH to keep in touch. We are Gwen Couture on both. We have some great work coming from the students – I’m very pleased. I have some fabulous pieces which I’m in the midst of as well which I look forward to sharing.

Happy Sewing,


Gwen Couture

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See you all in class this week !!!!!

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