Friday’s Fashion Show and Other Events

Dear A-Team:

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day. It is good to remember and honor those that paid the supreme price for our freedoms. I had the news on the TV all day. San Diego had lots of Memorial Day Events. Hope you all got out and attended.

I don’t think I will have the Summer syllabi complete and on the blog tomorrow. I am still working on them. There is so much to do when classes end and new ones begin. I will let you know when the syllabi are up and running.

News of the Day: I finally figured out how to use the free program that was given out at Central’s John Deer event. What the Elements Basic program does, is ONLY read John Deer Special Designs. The Henna designs that come with the program, are formatted to ONLY work in Elements. These designs are broken down to be edited in the Elements program. They are formatted in the JDR format. When you do a save as….you can save them in any other format you like except Bernina’s ART. The Henna designs are interesting. The colors are repeated over and over again so that each part of the design is complete unto itself.

The Fashion Show: Silk & Saffron: Attached please find the flyer for the event that has on it the public timing and action. I went to the final fashion show meeting on May 24th, so here is the latest scoop! In room 209, we will have three half-size dressforms set up with jackets made by Paola, Selenia, and Joanie. We will have 3 drapers draping: Gitta, Maureen, and Mildred. I gave out the fabric already. I did not give out the knits. So I have them, in case others would like to drape. I also have some wild wild prints that can be used for draping. The students in the show are: Mildred, Ruby, Terrell, and Aneetrah, if she will be ready. (This is not a push. We have at least 3 other instructors with students in the show.) Anyone else, who is ready, is welcome to be in the show, too.

Terrell will be fashion show coordinator. The show will be set up by type of garment: casual, dressy, evening, etc. Follow Terrell’s orders. She has fashion show coordination down to a science. You will have a minute to walk into the room, twirl 2 times and exist through the other door. Since the show starts at 5:15, everyone will be lining up at 4:45 PM. Remember: There is no changing area. So wear the garment you intend to model. In this way, people can come up to you, and talk to you about it.

As to the table toppers that Faye and Carol made, I am not allowed to sign them as to who made them.

There will be appetizers and desserts served. I don’t think I will be allowed to bring any food upstairs, so I will give breaks so that you all get a chance to taste what the culinary side of the discipline is doing for the student exhibition.

Be sure to get a raffle ticket. I am bringing door prizes to be given away at the end of the fashion show. I have a pair of Gingher Pinking Shears, two boxes of Madeira Rayon Glamour Embroidery Thread, and one Mundial Titanium 5” Thread Clippers. Donna has the raffle tickets. I still need to get them from her. You need to be present to win.

There will be a table down stairs with summer flyers and it will be manned by Ellie Gross. She will give out the name tags. They are cute. Get one. She will print your name on it.

Bring your family. It will be a nice early evening event.

Draping: We have one more draping class before the fashion show. It is on Wednesday, May 30th. Come and get last minute help !!!! We will be meeting at Denny’s @ 3920 West Point Loma Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110 at 6 PM on Monday, June 4th to recap the show and the draping course. Everyone who receives this email is welcome to come to the NO HOST dinner. Here is Denny’s phone number just in case you want to call them: 619-226-2233. I know, some of you, have been working on your final project for the fashion show. I will be taking cell phone pictures of your creations. Remember: There is no changing area. So wear the garment you intend to model. In this way, people can come up to you, and talk to you about it.

Tailoring: Yardage Town in Clairemont got in two new bolts of iron-on hair canvas. YEAH !!!!!! Last week, I started making the important details: the bound buttonholes, and the pockets. I also demo’ d how to make the buttonhole facing. This week, I will finish the pockets and put on the collar and lapels. This weekend, I input my sleeves and I made a terrible error. Instead of “un-sewing”….and redoing, I decided to bring the jacket in….as is….and show you what I did wrong. You need to see how badly the sleeves hang. You need to see the wrinkles in the sleeves. You need to understand what to do to correct these wrinkles. We still have 4 class periods left and I am SO glad……………………………………….

Summer Course Update: If you are coming to the Monday/Wednesday Sew Like a Pro course…… Try to get your Butterick 5532 pattern with your current bust, waist and hip measurement BEFORE the course starts. Yardage Town does NOT carry Butterick. Discount Fabrics and Joanne’s does. If all else fails, you can order it on line from my blog. Just click on the link.

YouTube links:

Thank you Terrell !!!!! The ONE-Dress

! Thank you Paola !!!!!!! Tailored Pockets Thank you Paola !!!!!! Tailored Pockets! Thank you Rainbow Di !!!! Tailored Pockets

Jacket Sleeve hems.

This will be a GREAT week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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