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Dear A-Team:

Remember that you need to wear closed toed shoes in the classroom & We are having a fashion show on June 8th. Also remember, that now Attendance for Certificates went from 75% to 80%. Come to class and learn !!! These 2 Spring courses are challenging !

I just found a whole bunch of emails from late January that I didn’t get a chance to open, yet. I will do so, this weekend. So if you are waiting for me to reply to you……Hold on…….I will finally catch up with life on President’s day.

Draping on Body Doubles: Remember to cut out your patterns for the arm hole covers that came with your syllabus. Add 1/2 inch seam allowances to what Connie Crawford did to make 1 inch seam allowances for these 3 pieces. We will be making our arms up early, while we wait for the zippers to come in from San Francisco.

On Monday, February 13, your croqui pictures are due. I know, the croqui silhouette pictures are not pretty. BUT….the lesson here is…..that you will be designing on your own bodies or your fit models. It makes the end product so much better!!!! We will be drawing on them in class. Remember to bring your colored pencils, colored markers, etc. to add some dimension to your sketches.

On Thursday, February 15, we will have our first pattern fitting. We will be making our first changes to the pattern. Once we do this, we can cut our fabric and start making the changes up in the denim. The zippers are supposed to be here, on March 1. This is why I think we will be making our arms up first. Hope you picked a buddy to share the expense of the cotton batting.

Couture Tailoring Techniques: Last week we saw how the industry makes jackets. Last Tuesday, I cut up several jackets to reveal their inner structure. We started to cut out our fabrics in class, Thursday. Then I discovered I didn’t make 2 pattern pieces easy to cut. I will show you how to rectify this in class. It is really easy. The piece numbers are: 7 and 27. Also, leave the seam allowance on the back stay and the chest piece INTERFACING for the time being. Make your buttonhole pocket lips longer by 1 ½ inches. I will show you how to do these changes on Tuesday. I spent all day Saturday cutting fabrics. Saturday night, I was taken to dinner for Valentine’s Day. I do hope all you had a great time celebrating that holiday early !!!!!

I re-wrote page 4 and 6 of the tailoring syllabus this weekend and put it on the blog. as tailoring syllabi 2. I will photocopy pages 4 and 6 for you so that you can replace these in your syllabus.

On Tuesday, we will discover what kind of markings we can put on our fabrics. You will learn all about tailor’s tacks. We will also be making our half size shoulder pads. On Thursday, we will be starting to couture tailor our jacket lapels, and other inner structure. This is tedious time consuming work. It is great that we only need to do one lapel, half the under collar, half the wiggan. The other half will be done with an industrial hemmer. This is the more contemporary method. You will learn a lot. I am also going to show you how to make bias wiggan and bias cotton pieces for darts. Bespoke tailoring makes everything come out so wonderful !!!! I know you will transfer some of these skills to your regular sewing.

I hope both classes did their homework over the weekend. Draping had to cut out their pattern and Tailoring had to cut out their ½ size jacket. There is just a bit more to cut that I will show you on Tuesday.

My daughter Kate and Paola gave us videos to review to learn more !!!!!

Check these out !!!!

Kate found a You Tube video on how to make continuous bias.

Paola found You Tube videos on bespoke tailoring. Check out this page of videos !!!! Unbelievable !!!!

This site takes you through the steps of master tailors:

Take your time. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy the You Tube Education !!!!!!

See you all much later tonight. I need some sleep !!!

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